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new restaurants in Big Bear CA

Best New Restaurants in Big Bear

People come to Big Bear for a wide variety of reasons, from the peace and quiet to the amazing skiing of the winter and lake recreation of the summer. But one thing that every visitor has in common is they are crazy about the food. They are crazy about the surprising variety for a place with a small population, and they are crazy about how delicious everything seems to be. In a place that already has so much amazing cuisine, there are still new restaurants constantly opening. The following are a couple of the most interesting of these new restaurants in Big Bear CA.


This new restaurant in Big Bear CA has been converting people into lovers of Indian food since the day it opened this year. You will not find more authentic Indian cuisine, not only in Big Bear, but throughout California. Of course, they specialize in a wide range of Masala dishes, but they also focus on Paneer variations, curry dishes, and entrees from the tandoor, which is a clay oven that plays a huge role in Indian cuisine and culture. If you have never dabbled with Indian food, this is the perfect place to get acquainted. A tandoori dish from MasalaCRAFT is a great way to get started. You can find this excursion into Indian cuisine in the heart of Big Bear Village.

The Black Kat

This fine dining and wine room is certain to bring a little sophistication to your night’s proceedings. You can enjoy amazing appetizers like Duck Confit before you choose from a wide range of entrees featuring seafood, steak, wild game, and much more when you dien at this new restaurant in Big Bear CA. One amazing element here is that the menu is designed for different wine pairings, so you will never be wondering what type of wine you should get. Speaking of wine, it is possibly just as big a focal point here as the food. The Black Kat features an expansive wine list with over 200 pours from around the world. If you are looking for a place for lunch or dinner, then look no further. Look for the Black Kat just south of the lake on Pine Knot Ave.

Visit the New Restaurants in Big Bear, CA

People do not exactly make their Big Bear vacation plans because of the amazing food around the lake. At least this is true the first time they come to town. After experiencing the quality of new restaurants in Big Bear CA, they surely will think of the cuisine the next time they are contemplating where to take that next break. Come to Big Bear and find the restaurants, new or old, that will keep you coming back.