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Winter in Big Bear

Best Restaurants for Winter Comfort Food in Big Bear

In a world where many people prefer sunny days and summer temperatures, we could be considered a bit odd. For us, it’s winter that brings smiles to our faces! When the air is cold enough that we can see our breath and we heart he crunch of our boots in newly fallen snow with every step, it’s the perfect time to enjoy the comfort food that manages to not just warm our insides, but also our souls. Winter in Big Bear is a magical time of year, and when you make it your vacation destination, you get to appreciate all of its majesty—including the taste of winter comfort foods served at the Big Bear restaurants we have listed below!

Mountain Munchies, 42171 Big Bear Boulevard

On the coldest mornings, it can be difficult to drag yourself from the warmth and coziness of the cloud-soft beds we offer in our Big Bear Cabins winter havens, but when you know that a big and hearty breakfast is awaiting you, it makes the transition that much easier! Mountain Munchies is famous throughout Big Bear for every meal on their menu, but it’s that perennial favorite, chicken fried steak, and eggs, that gets our hearts beating a little faster!

Azteca Grill Mexican Restaurant, 40199 Big Bear Boulevard

Comfort food comes in all flavors and styles, and while we tend to think of true comfort food as American-style dishes made of meat and potatoes, in our house, on winter days when we think we can never get warm, a visit to Azteca Grill Mexican Restaurant immediately changes our outlook! How can you be cold and sad during Winter in Big Bear when the spicy flavors of your favorite taco tantalize your palate and the colorful décor brightens your day?

Nottingham’s Restaurant, 40797 Big Bear Boulevard

Our moms were amazing chefs, creating hearty and rich meals from a pantry that was sometimes sparse and bare, but on one night in particular, they would outdo themselves. Meatloaf night, in all of our homes, brought a twinkle to our eyes, and today, when we visit Nottingham’s Restaurant, we find that our eyes begin to sparkle all over again. Their meatloaf marinara, made with beef and venison, might be a little better than the fabulous comfort food dish our moms made, but if you tell them we said that we will deny, deny, and deny some more!

All the Comforts of Home During Winter in Big Bear

Whether you find yourself making a grilled cheese sandwich in the kitchen of one of our Big Bear Cabins cozy escapes, napping in the armchair in front of a roaring fire, or soaking the aches and pains of your days on the slopes in one of our cabins with hot tubs, all the comforts of home will be yours when you choose us. Reserve one of our cabins today!