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Big Bear Fall Activities

Fall is here, and this is the time of year when Big Bear really shines. Colorful trees compete for your attention with the clear waters of the lake and the mountains that stand guard behind it. The days become shorter, the nights cooler, and the fires we build in our fireplaces are for more than show; they warm our bones and our hearts as the temperatures drop. It’s still warm enough to play outside without having to take frequent hot cocoa breaks, though, and we tend to spend as much time as we can outside, enjoying the wonders of fall. If you’re planning on a fall vacation to Big Bear, here’s a list of some of the fun things to do in Big Bear in the fall you can participate in during your stay.

Play Outside

The weather is absolutely gorgeous this time of year, and you will want to be outside enjoying it as much as you possibly can. Fall is not generally considered a high tourist season for us, making it the PERFECT time to visit and avoid the crowds. Big Bear Lake things to do in the fall include lots of time spend outdoors! Take a tour of the changing leaves with a Big Bear Jeep Experience, or take a self-guided hike along one of the many trails that can be found in the area. The Sugarloaf National Recreation Trail continues for 10 miles through some of the prettiest landscape you’ve ever seen, so make sure to bring your camera. You’re not going to want to forget the sights you will spy during this amazing nature hike.

Indoor Fun

Shopping in Big Bear is fun during ANY season, but in the fall, the Annual Village Scarecrow Festival adds to the adventure. The shops, restaurants, and other businesses in the village compete for the title of Best Scarecrow, and you get the opportunity to vote for your favorite, so keep your eyes peeled!

Oktoberfest is a big deal in Big Bear, lasting every weekend in September and October, so grab a seat, a beer, and start dancing in time to the polka; this party goes on and on and on! Oktoberfest is one of our favorite Big Bear fall activities, so be sure to attend!

Escape Rooms have become all the rage around the nation, and Big Bear is no exception. Mountain Room Escapes at 1121 West Big Bear Boulevard offers a Halloween escape room throughout October; it’s guaranteed to be a scream!

Just Sitting on the Porch of Your Big Bear Cabins Vacation Home

Cool nights, hot cocoa, and the quiet sounds of the woods as you sit in quiet harmony with the ones you love best are what a fall vacation in Big Bear is all about. Reserve your cozy cabin today and discover all the fun things to do in Big Bear in the fall!


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