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Romantic Big Bear Hot Spots

In today’s world, couples often have trouble finding time for romance in their day to day life. Between work, school, kids, and aging family members, something always seems to happen that derails any chance for a romantic evening; vacations are often their only resort. If this is your situation, you’ll be relieved to know that planning a vacation in Big Bear is an easy decision. The landscape that surrounds your Big Bear Cabins vacation home offers romance without even trying, and the cabins are cozy and idyllic, allowing you the opportunity to re-ignite the flames of your love. Here’s some ideas for a romantic Big Bear getaway.

Picnic at the Lake

While the weather is still nice, a romantic Big Bear Lake picnic can stir the embers of a fire that is starting to fade. Picnic tables in the Aspen Glen Picnic Area allow you to be comfortable while sampling your basket (or cooler!) of tasty treats. A bottle of wine can add to the ambience—just be smart about disposal of your empty bottle and driving back to your cabin; perhaps an Uber would be the wise choice!

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Take a Helicopter Tour of the Region

Big Bear is even more beautiful when viewed from above, and Helicopter Big Bear Tours at 501 Valley Boulevard can help bring you and that special someone even closer together. With prices starting at $35 a person, you won’t have to worry about breaking your vacation budget, allowing you to spend some time soaring above the trees without worry.

Candlelight Dinners for Two

Being able to spend quiet hours together enjoying a good meal is always a winner in the romance department, and when you dine at Evergreen Restaurant, located at 40771 Big Bear Boulevard, the lakeside views will add to the ambiance. Dine outside when weather permits, or simply enjoy delicious steaks and wonderful company at a table inside as you stare into each other’s eyes.

If the two of you aren’t in the mood for the company of others, just order your dinner to go, and take it back to your vacation rental where you can enjoy it at your leisure. Dine al fresco out on your deck or stay inside and dine in front of the roaring fire, with or without candles.

Couples Massage with Chocolate & Champagne

A good massage is truly heavenly and Altitudes Massage and Spa, found at 42184 Moonridge Road 4, offers a unique couples massage that promises to make you both extremely happy. 90 minutes of massage, reflexology, champagne, chocolates (if you order in advance, chocolate-covered strawberries can be your candy of choice!), and a rose make this experience a truly exhilarating one.

Of course, if you and/or your partner are a bit shy and aren’t totally comfortable with the idea of a body massage, just do your own spa treatment and massage. You can bring all the goodies with you or buy them in the Village – the chocolates or your favorite candies, champagne, bath salts and bubbles, and scented candles (remember to bring along some matches). And don’t forget some relaxing, romantic music.

Or, better yet, book one of our Big Bear Cabins with a hot tub overlooking the lake. That should work. The two of you snuggled together in the hot tub, cozy in the crisp air, with lots of invigorating bubbles and jets splashing, with soft music and lavender (from the candles) in the air. Your rental has plenty of soft, cushy towels on hand to dry off with and keep you warm as you dash back inside where you can take turns massaging those tired muscles in front of the roaring fire.

Romance is in the Air

And your cozy cabin is just the start! Get that fire started, light those candles, and set your cabin twinkling and flickering, pop the champagne and let the romance begin! Here are a few suggestions to get things started.

Remember your first dance together? Put the song on and bring back those memories of that special first dance, when you were both all nervous and anxious. You’ve both come a long way, now relax and enjoy it. Bring along a playlist of your sweetie’s favorite songs and keep dancing the night away.

Stay in bed all day, or at least in your cabin. Just talk and take the time to reconnect with each other. If you’re both in a touchy-feely kind of mood, write each other a love letter. Sometimes it is nice to hear it out loud. You can spend the day reading books together, playing games (Strip Poker and Twister come to mind).

Rent a cabin with free Wi-Fi and binge-watch your favorite romantic movies, from rom-coms like You’ve Got Mail, Crazy Rich Asians, and Notting Hill, to slightly weird choices like Harold and Maud and Magic Mike, to tearjerkers like Dr. Zhivago, Love Story and Titanic.

Romantic Big Bear Hot Spots

Reserve your romantic Big Bear getaway today and discover all the romantic things to do in Big Bear! Give us a call for more romantic ideas and suggestions on the best vacation rental for your Valentine’s Day.


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