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Stand-Up Paddleboarding in Big Bear

The “newest” craze in Big Bear has been around in various forms for centuries, but today’s paddle boarders are no longer heading to war; they are just looking for a peaceful way to exercise! Originating in the 16th century, African warriors used the large flat boards as a way of attacking their enemies in a stealthy manner, but its current form originated in Hawaii in the 1940s. Today, paddleboarding has become America’s favorite way of helping to lose a few pounds and Big Bear has jumped on the SUP bandwagon.

What Is Stand-Up Paddleboarding?

Often referred to as SUP, participants use a board resembling an oversized surfboard and a paddle to move through the waters. Using your core body strength helps keep muscles toned and trim, and the soothing sounds and feel of the waters you are gliding through offers a peace not often found in a workout. Many yoga studios have added SUP to their routine, with yogis performing standard yoga routines while on the boards.

As the sport has become so popular, it may be difficult to narrow down your choices as to the best places to rent the equipment, or take classes, so we’ve included the following list of our favorite Big Bear paddle boarding places.

Get Boards-Kayaks, Bikes & SUP Rentals, 40905 Big Bear Boulevard

Outdoor sports are big in Big Bear, and this fun store is a one-stop shop for all forms of athletic activity! Offering seasonal rentals of all forms, their paddleboards are guaranteed to be in good condition and come with all equipment necessary.

Big Bear Marina, 500 Paine Court

Specializing in water sport equipment, their large selection of Big Bear paddle boarding equipment is colorful, safe, and reasonably priced. Also a great place for renting kayaks, wave runners, and pedal boats, Big Bear Marina offers adventures for all members of your family!

Paddles and Pedals, 40545 North Shore Lane

Dealing in kayaks, bicycles, and stand up paddleboards, this store is only open seasonally. If you want to get in on their great deals, you better hurry: Paddles and Peddles closes November 1st and doesn’t open again until May 1st!

Vacations are the Best Times to Try Something New

If you have been thinking about trying stand up paddle boarding in Big Bear for yourself, now is the time! And when you’re done, you can soak your tired muscles in a hot tub in your Big Bear Cabins vacation rental; reserve yours today and discover all the exciting adventures that can be had on your Big Bear vacation!


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