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Oktoberfest in Big Bear Lake

Oktoberfest is in full swing here in the city of Big Bear Lake! Observed each weekend from early September to the end of October, our end-of-summer celebration boasts all the best of a great party: live music, dancing, competitions, and of course, tons and tons of food and beer!

This wonderful tradition has spread out from Bavaria and has really been embraced by America. Originally a festival to celebrate a noble marriage in 1810, it grew more popular each year. As celebrants flocked to the fairgrounds, it attracted performers, vendors, and amusements—with so many delights, it’s no wonder people still celebrate it today. It keeps various aspects of traditional German culture alive, including clogging dances and all sorts of food. But don’t let the Bavarian influence mislead you—Big Bear Lake takes Oktoberfest and really makes it its own!

Celebrate All Month!

Each Saturday and Sunday until October 29th, head to the Big Bear Lake Convention Center for October fun! The party starts at noon, and goes all the way until midnight on Saturdays—on Sundays, the fun winds down at 5:30 pm.

What’s there to do? Well, there is eating and drinking authentic German meals and beverages. Then, add in some friendly competition! The stein-carrying contest is a beloved attraction, as is the log-sawing competition. Live music—traditional and contemporary—will keep the venue energetic, and there’s a large dance floor for you to show off—or develop—your clogging skills. Plus, if you’re visiting from out of town, there’s no shortage of booths to browse for arts, crafts, collectibles, and other terrific souvenirs. This is a perfect venue for the entire family, and children dressed in costumes enter for free!

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Big Bear Lake’s Oktoberfest celebration is ranked #1 in Southern California, so it’s worth the visit to Big Bear.  And after enjoying your evening out, why not spend the night in a charming Big Bear Cabin rental? We’ve got over a hundred properties to rent, so if you want to enjoy the entire Oktoberfest experience, live it up!