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Big Bear festivals

Big Bear Festival Guide

Big Bear is a quiet mountain getaway, but we still know how to have fun! If you want to share in the experiences most beloved by the locals, then come stay in town during one of these Big Bear festivals:

Big Bear Paddlefest

Also called “Paddle Big Bear,” this event has celebrated ten years of bringing people out onto the lake for a test of skill and stamina! If you think you can kayak, surf, ski, or stand-up paddleboard with the best of them, then come up to Big Bear in the summer and test your skills at 7,000 feet! And even if you’re not a fan of races, naturally many people take the chance to enjoy themselves at the beach party that springs up around the race. Check for this event when planning a June vacation!

Big Bear Chili Cookoff

Headed by the Old Miners’ Association, the annual Chili Cookoff happens each July. Contestants set up in Big Bear Lake Village, the city’s commercial center, ready to wow you with the best recipes they know. It’s only a small fee to join in the fiery taste-testing, so bring an appetite! And there’s even more happening, free of charge. Listening to live bands and dancing is free!

And in the afternoon, enjoy the outhouse races—teams push portapotties mounted on wheels through an obstacle course for the coveted Golden Outhouse Trophy. When else will you see people compete to race decorated outhouses?

Big Bear Troutfest

The thirteenth annual Big Bear Lake Troutfest will be happening September 2017. Adults and juniors alike can enter the festival to attempt catching the biggest fish they can. The two-day competition costs entry fees of $50 or more, but the prizes are many. There are prizes for first through fifth place in each of four categories, as well as raffle bogey prizes! If you consider yourself something of an impressive angler, show what you’ve got in September.

Big Bear Lake OktoberFest

While all towns boast an Oktoberfest, we take it seriously! Every weekend between September 9th and October 28th will feature Bavarian spirit at the Big Bear Convention Center. We include bands from Germany, the same beers enjoyed in Munich, and bratwurst and knockwurst until you’re ready to burst! The month is full of contests as well (price included in admission), from beer pong to log-sawing to stein-holding. It runs noon to midnight each Saturday, and noon to 5:30 p.m. each Sunday; squeeze it into your schedule, we insist!

Quiet Comfy Cabins after Big Bear Festivals

With all the excitement, it’s nice to return home to a quiet vacation rental all your own. To stay in town for one of these events, choose a rental from Big Bear Cabins—browse our offerings and find the perfect fit for you, or call us at 877-473-5360 to learn more.