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7-Day Journey to Big Bear, CA

Big Bear, California is well known for its scenic mountain and lake views, but there is much more than scenic beauty to take in. Here is our 7-day guide to Big Bear, California that will leave you with a satisfying and well-rounded Big Bear trip from the stresses of everyday life.

Day 1: Cool Off in Big Bear Lake

Big Bear Lake is the crown jewel of the area and provides a load of activities to do year-round. In the summertime, it’s the most fun to get out on the water by renting a boat. Whether trying out water skiing or catching the biggest fish of your life (When you retell the story, it will be even bigger!), summer at Big Bear Lake is a blast. If it’s a little snowier when you visit, the lake makes for some amazing scenic views that will leave you breathless.

Day 2: Enjoy the Outdoors

Being so high up in the mountains will give you the perfect opportunity to enjoy some fresh air and hike around for scenic views. Big Bear has some of the best trails in the country and will provide ample opportunity to find picturesque views to take home a stunning photo; your family back home will be jealous!

Day 3: Golfing at Any of Big Bear’s Golf Courses

Many flock to Big Bear to experience the best rounds of golf you will play. The high altitude will add distance to your drive and make you feel like a pro. While cracking open a cold one between holes, you can sit back and take in the sights.

Day 4: Explore the Wonderous Animals of Big Bear Alpine Zoo

The San Bernardino National Forest features a very unique type of animal habitat that provides for one of the most interesting zoos in the nation. From fierce predators like snow leopards, snowy owls, and grizzly bears to the meek prey like deer and ringtail cats, this stop on your Big Bear itinerary is sure to have something for everyone.

Day 5: Big Bear Lake Alpine Slide

Enjoy the thrill-seeking experience of Big Bear’s alpine slide. This slide is a long chute that sends riders down the mountain in a bobsled-type experience for one or two passengers. After taking a ride down the slide, Magic Mountain Recreation Area also has go-karts and golf in the summer and snow tubing in the winter.

Day 6: Helicopter Tour

One unique way to absorb the great views of Big Bear is from the high view of a helicopter. Tours range in price and duration, but this is definitely one way to experience Big Bear from a whole new point of view.

Day 7: A Family-Friendly Day in Big Bear

Big Bear is not only for adults, but there are loads of activities for the family. Big Bear Funplex has laser tag and ice skating for all ages, while Big Bear Historical Museum will give you a glimpse into the past. If your kids love horses, make sure you also check out one of the many horseback riding trails and experiences during your Big Bear trip.

There’s plenty more to do during your 7-day journey to Big Bear. Contact us today to book one of our rental properties and plan your getaway!