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Spring Journey in Big Bear, CA

When the spring temperatures begin to melt away the winter snow, Big Bear comes to life. Snowboarders pack away their gear and unpack their hiking boots to take advantage of the beauty that springs forth when the snow melts away. The changing of the season brings amazing spring activities. Here is a guide to hit the best activities that Big Bear in spring has to offer

Alpine Pedal Path Trail

Hiking is one of the most interesting ways to take in springtime in Big Bear. One of the best trails to take is the Alpine Pedal Path Trail, which stretches along the north side of Big Bear Lake. This trail also connects just over a half a mile from the Big Bear Discovery Center and provides a well-paved loop. This easy yet beautiful trail is perfect for walking, jogging, biking or even skating through the warm spring weather. There are picnic spots on the path to really take advantage of the beauty that Big Bear offers. Stay long enough on the trail and you may even see a bald eagle fly through.

Emingers Mountain Nursery

Springtime is the quintessential season for growth and new beginnings. One of the best places to see this new springtime growth is the Emingers Mountain Nursery. Emingers Mountain Nursery is one of the oldest nurseries in Big Bear and houses experts on plants, flowers, and the various foliage that makes up the Big Bear habitat. The Nursery provides the perfect place to wander through lush gardens and springtime flowers. Along with the natural aspects of this nursery, you will find a shop full of garden and yard décor so that visitors can take a piece of beauty Big Bear in spring home with them.

Stanfield Marsh Wildlife and Waterfowl Preserve

Besides just wandering around outside just about anywhere in the area, there are specific things to do in Big Bear in spring we suggest if you are looking to see some animals or unique nature preserves. Stanfield Marsh Wildlife and Waterfowl Preserve provides the best of both worlds. This preserve was created to protect the natural beauty of Big Bear and support local wildlife. The marshy area tends to bring in numerous kinds of waterfowl year-round. This is a great place to observe the plant life of Big Bear rise up and provide a wonderful habitat to a variety of different animals.

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