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Top 5 Most Incredible Sights in Big Bear

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Big Bear’s a very beautiful place. Not even including the views you can get from the nearby ski resorts, there are plenty of sights here that will drop your jaw! Learn about the things to do in Big Bear CA below:

Champion Lodgepole Pine

A behemoth among pines—which already grow quite tall here—this pine tree is must-see for arbor enthusiasts. Lodgepole pines are rare in SoCal, yet near Bluff Lake is a small area of pines that have grown larger than other lodgepoles in the world. The trunk is 22 feet in circumference, the tree is over 110 feet tall, and has lived for an estimated 450 years! It’s on the Champion Lodgepole Trail, an easy hike off Tulip Lane, which connects to Mill Creek Road.

Alpine Pedal Path

This path gives possibly the best views for the effort you need to put in. It’s a convenient path—even strollers can go on this hike! (A $5 Adventure Pass is required.) It leads you to a sandy beach, where the gorgeous waters of the lake stretch out with the mountains in the background. It’s fabulous for getting ground-level views of the lake.

Time Bandits Pirate Ship

It’s not a breathtaking feat of nature, but you’ll still probably stare at it! In the middle of all these other modern speedboats and fishing charters, you might spy something resembling a Spanish galleon. It’s actually a 1/3 replica of one—not nearly as impressive as the real things, but still seaworthy, and still tall, by lake standards! When you see it on your excursion, you might not believe your eyes at first—“incredible” indeed!

Big Bear Solar Observatory’s Telescope

Here’s a neat piece of tech trivia: The largest telescopes for making solar observations are called NSTs (new solar telescopes), and only six of these large, specialized NSTs exist. Another neat thing: One of them is in Big Bear! Head to Big Bear Solar Observatory for the monthly tour and you’ll be amazed by the size of the telescope, and awestruck by science’s efforts to pierce mysteries millions of miles away.

Castle Rock Trail

Castle Rock Trail is another place that just begs for photographs. The sight of Castle Rock already arrests your attention from lower in the hike. Once you reach the summit though, you’ll have even more breathtaking options for a photograph. You’ll have the lake far below you, and the mountains all around you—it’s one of the most incredible Big Bear places to see!

Big Bear Places to See

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