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Top 5 Big Bear Wildlife

Big Bear isn’t too big a town, meaning plenty of the Big Bear wildlife here are still around! Beavers, coyotes, black bears, bald eagles, and more make San Bernardino their home. If you want to see them, check out Big Bear wildlife information below:

Pacific Crest Trail

This extremely big trail covers land from Washington State to southern California—it’s worth visiting just to say you’ve been on a part of it! The PCT passes by Big Bear Lake, so take the chance to work your legs along it. While there, you might see several different kinds of birds, including ruddy ducks, common nighthawks, and redheads.

Cougar Crest Trail

There are a few reasons this trail is such a great choice. First, it’s easy to find—it starts near the Big Bear Discovery Center, so if you’ve already been looking for advice on where to go, you’re halfway there! It’s a six-mile trail, so bring comfortable shoes. In spring and summer, this trail includes many birds found only in this region, including California quails and California thrashers.

Big Bear Lake Itself

The lake doesn’t boast many mammals, but bald eagles hunt here in the winter, from about November to April. If you want to see one of these majestic creatures and get the perfect view, stay near the lake and be on the lookout for dead trees where they may roost. In other seasons, you may also spy beavers!

Woodland Trail

Like Cougar Crest, this trail covers the northern, less-peopled shore of the lake, meaning you’re more likely to find wildlife there. Its popularity makes it a bit less ideal than some other trails, but this trail is perfect for views—not just of animals, but of the surrounding area in general, with spectacular photo opportunities. While here, keep an eye out for coyotes and woodpeckers. Also watch for snakes—not so much for the pictures as because they can be dangerous.

Big Bear Wildlife

Wouldn’t wildlife watching be more comfortable on a couch near some climate control? If you’re staying someplace decently out of the way, where there are still plenty of trees around, you can spot critters right outside your window! Keep a sharp eye out for squirrels, chipmunks, and raccoons.
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