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Top 5 Relaxing Spots in Big Bear, California

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Nature creates the most relaxing scenes the world has seen. The best place to witness it all is California. Within this diverse state is the majestic city of Big Bear Lake. Complete with dams, lakes, forests, and hot springs, Big Bear is a nature trail worth exploring. Here is a list of five top spots to explore and relax in Big Bear.

Big Bear Lake

Leading the pack of relaxing spots to explore in this small mountain city is Big Bear Lake. It is one of the iconic landscapes of the area that nature enthusiasts find hard to resist.

First, this lake is popular for the high numbers of fish species it harbors. It is the place to be to perfect your angling skills. Dropping your line at the shore as you enjoy the panorama of the calm waters of the lake is such a relaxing experience.

The lake also offers a platform for you to explore other activities beyond the usual fishing. If you enjoy swimming, you are in the right place for that therapeutic splash in the cool waters of the lake.

Big Bear Lake also comes with a chance for you to experience other exciting activities such as boat riding and kayaking. For a more nerve-jerking moment, standup paddle boarding will work wonders for you.

Castle Rock Trail

The next phase of relaxing and exciting adventures in Big Bear will entail hiking. Of all places in the city, the Castle Rock Trail is a plethora of fun. It is one of those places you cannot afford to ignore as an outdoor enthusiast.

The Castle Rock Trails is approximately a 2.6-mile round trip with all kinds of twists and turns that make it more exciting. The earlier stages entail a steep ascent in a pine- and oak tree-dominated area. The higher you ascend, the more the panorama.

The views from the top of the trail are everything to live for in the city. The panoramic vistas that await you at the top are such a good way to relax and enjoy your holidays in California.

The hike also doubles as a wildlife-spotting adventure. With creatures such as chipmunks, squirrels, and a variety of birds roaming around, you are never alone out there in the wild.

Big Bear Mountain Resort

California is never short of relaxing activities for adventurers to explore. This time around, it is the Big Bear Mountain Resort working the magic for you. This place is popular for the winter sports scene it creates.

One of the activities that make your experience in this mountain city exciting is skiing. Even for those who have never been to a skiing trail before, the skills are easy to learn. It won’t be long before you start rolling down those slopes like the pros do.

This mountain has over 700 acres of skiable land with diverse trails to accommodate all kinds of adventurers. It is a place where adrenaline junkies thrive best with opportunities for beginners alike.

Deep Creek Hot Springs

Your relaxing adventures in Big Bear are not limited to the municipality. Approximately 46 miles northwest of the city is the iconic Deep Creek Hot Springs. It is one of the most scenic spots you will find in the desert.

Instead of the usual massage sessions done in-house, you have it all out there in the field. While the journey to the creek may be quite challenging, the experience that awaits there makes your adventure worth the effort.

The heated water of the springs offers more than just a relaxing experience. It is also the best cure for those painful joints. In short, it is a natural spa experience that you cannot afford to miss.

The Village

The climax of your relaxing experience in Big Bear is The Village. This part of the city is described as the heart of Big Bear’s shopping, dining, and entertainment experiences.

After spending the past few days exploring the lakes and mountains, the time is right for you to chow it down. With the multiple dining options available, you have the luxury to pick whichever meals work best for you.

The Village is also home to multiple boutiques and all kinds of gift shops. It is the best place for couples to buy gifts for one another. Kids, too, have a lot to explore here from the available children’s stores.

The entrainment that awaits in the city is also top-notch. Whether it is a massage from a parlor of choice or partying your holidays away, you have it all in The Village.

Relax in Big Bear by Booking Your Big Bear Cabin

With the multiple adventures that await in the city, one day is never enough. While at it, you will need a comfortable space to call home. Our team at Big Bear Cabins has a set of properties perfect for your holiday experiences in the city. Call us today for your luxury cabins in Big Bear.


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