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Polar Plunge

Upcoming Big Bear Events and Festivals to Attend

Once the holidays have ended, the winter blues often begin to set in. The new year can stretch out before us, as long and dreary as the to-do lists we are always starting but never seem to finish! One thing we have learned over the years, however, that when the blues set in, the best way to vanquish them is by planning new adventures! A visit to the zoo, tickets to that band you’ve been in love with for years, or, our favorite

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best coffee shops in Big Bear

Best Coffee Shops In Big Bear

Your choice in coffee is a very personal one. That pumpkin spice latte topped with whipped cream is one girl’s fantasy and another man’s nightmare. You could be the type that needs their morning wake-up drink to be black, strong, and thick as mud, or you may prefer the decaf more for the taste of the coffee than for the energy the caffeine provides. Whatever your flavor, whatever your choice, nothing ruins a good vacation more than the lack of the proper brew,

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Valentine’s Day in Big Bear

Reasons to Spend Valentine’s Day 2019 in Big Bear

Now that the winter holidays have concluded, it’s time to sit back, relax, and revel in being able to spend quality time doing absolutely nothing—or is it? If you haven’t looked at the calendar lately, you may not have realized that Valentine’s Day is just a few short weeks away, and that special someone in your life is going to be expecting something spectacular! Before you start suffering from the panic sweats, take a moment to breath and then check out our Big

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Events in Big Bear

Top Big Bear Events to Attend in January

The winter blues tend to set in sometime in January. The hustle, bustle, and warmth of the holidays have concluded, and the wintry landscape found outside your door has somehow lost the charm and appeal it once had. White Christmases are magical experiences, but slushy Januarys are simply no fun! If you find yourself with a case of seasonal depression, however, the best way to overcome can be by heading on a January journey to Big Bear and attending any of these exciting events in

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Winter in Big Bear

Best Restaurants for Winter Comfort Food in Big Bear

In a world where many people prefer sunny days and summer temperatures, we could be considered a bit odd. For us, it’s winter that brings smiles to our faces! When the air is cold enough that we can see our breath and we heart he crunch of our boots in newly fallen snow with every step, it’s the perfect time to enjoy the comfort food that manages to not just warm our insides, but also our souls. Winter in Big Bear is a

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winter Big Bear

Things To Try This Winter In Big Bear

California winter vacations are as close to perfect as you can imagine and when you decide to visit Big Bear, well, it gets even better! We’re not about beaches, bikinis, and sunny skies that only dim once the stars rise, though; a visit to Big Bear promises ski jumps and snowboarding, cozy nights spent cuddling in front of the fire, and afternoons spent building snowmen with the kids. Our mountain city offers a world of possibilities, some of which we will talk about

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Winter in Big Bear

Reasons to Visit Big Bear in the Winter

While most people tend to plan their vacations for the summer when the sun is always shining,and the temperatures are sultry, you like to do things a bit differently. Always marching to the beat of a different drummer, your favorite vacations are the ones taken in winter. Cold weather, snow on the ground, and the sight of other like minded individuals dressed in their wintry best makes you happy. And because we are fans of people who like to think outside the box,

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Big Bear Spots

Big Bear Spots, Off the Beaten Path, that Only Locals Know About

Our favorite kind of vacation involves living as the locals do. We tend to hit the high tourist spots when we feel like it, but coming home from a trip and knowing that we experienced a side of the town we were visiting that most tourists never see sends us off on a natural high. If we are kindred spirits and you enjoy the same type of vacations we do, this guide to the off the beaten path spots only locals know about

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Snowshoeing Big Bear

4 Fun Big Bear Winter Activities to Enjoy Outdoors

When Big Bear, California calls you for the winter, you know it’s because of the unparalleled skiing resorts in the area. For the outdoorsy person, there’s no other place that can offer so many thrilling adventures and great opportunities to enjoy all the winter sports you can handle. The terrain is groomed, the snow is powdery, and adventure is calling. So pack your gear, your best slope clothes and get ready for the best Big Bear winter activities. Zip Line the Snowy Forests When

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Big Bear Parks

The Most Beautiful Big Bear Parks

Because the landscape of Big Bear is so magnificent, it may be a bit difficult choosing just a few parks that outshine the others. Everywhere we turn in our mountain village, each new view seems to be more stunning than the last, but we are definitely going to give it a try. The parks listed here all offer that little extra something that changes their ranking from wonderful to extraordinary. These are the most beautiful Big Bear parks, and if you have the

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