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Big Bear Activities

Bucket List Activities in Big Bear

Big Bear has become one of the most popular vacation destinations in California due to its unbelievable natural beauty and the endless fun activities that it offers. Regardless of how you spend a day, you are always immersed in the most beautiful surroundings imaginable. It is for this reason that a visit to Big Bear should be a prominent item on your bucket list. The following are a couple of specific examples of great bucket list Big Bear activities.

Helicopter Tour of Big Bear

Walking around Big Bear is a great way to experience the immense beauty here, but there is no experience in the world that can compare to exploring this beauty from the sky during your very own helicopter tour. Through one of these tours, you get to see every mountain peak, valley, stream, and of course, the famous lake from a perspective like no other. It is up in the sky above this amazing landscape that you will find the most potently peaceful moments you have ever experienced. Schedule your tour for sunset or sunrise for something truly breathtaking.

Skiing or Snowboarding

Perhaps you have been skiing or snowboarding before and think it is not something you are interested in as a bucket list activity. Well, these activities will take on a whole new meaning to you once you are on the amazing slopes of Big Bear. Big Bear’s two ski resorts, Snow Summit and Bear Mountain, provide the best winter sports opportunities in all of California, and that is really saying something. These massive ski areas provide diverse opportunities, so you can have an amazing time whether you are an expert or if this is your first time. This is some of the best fun in the most beautiful environment that you will find anywhere.


The Big Bear area features hundreds of miles of exquisite hiking trails. Taking advantage of these trails is the best way to enjoy the beauty and break a little sweat while you are at it. You can find easy trails that provide for casual walks through the forest, or challenging trails that will have you sweating. Castle Rock Trail on the southwest side of the lake is one of the most pleasant of these hikes. For one of the best ways to experience this area, take to one of these trails on horseback. Slowly gliding through the forest provides for the most blissful day you have had in quite a while.

Big Bear Activities for Everyone

These bucket list Big Bear activities and the beautiful landscapes go hand in hand, as nature is a centerpiece of the most valuable experiences here. These are amazing ways to spend a day in Big Bear, but you are sure to find an incredible amount of joy from hunkering down on a patio with a cup of coffee and just taking in all the beauty. Big Bear should be on everyone’s bucket list, especially for those who like nature.

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