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Labor Day in Big Bear

Labor Day is a special celebration to remember the contribution of workers to the American independence story. It is a day of feasting and fireworks. Instead of the usual parades, a trip to Big Bear would be a great way to mark this big day. It is a small city in Southern California where the fun and thrills are limitless. Looking for a suitable destination for your Labor Day celebrations? Here’s why Labor Day in Big Bear tops the list.

Multiple Adventures on Big Bear Lake

The highlight of your Big Bear Lake Labor Day weekend adventures in the city is a visit to Big Bear Lake. Nestled out there in the San Bernardino Mountains, this lake is a great destination for nature lovers. From the surrounding green vegetation to the cool waters of the lake, be ready for a unique experience on this side of California. This lake is the breeding ground for almost all adventures in the city. First, it is a picnic site where you can go to relax and have a good time as a family. You may as well decide to ride horses as part of the adventure.

The intense part of your Big Bear Lake Labor Day weekend adventure begins the moment you set foot into the water. If you are a good swimmer, then you need no introduction to this. With California’s unrelenting heat levels, this splash could not have come at a better time. Apart from swimming, you have the best chance to test your angling skills. Instead of over-relying on the local vendors, you take home a self-caught fish for dinner. If you are in for an adrenaline rush, kayaking, and paddle boarding are there for you to explore. Jet skiing is the ultimate luxury of the lake.

Perfect Weather for Hiking

Happening on the first Monday of September, temperatures have already started to ease in preparation for the fall season. The decreasing temperatures signify the beginning of an intense hiking experience. Big Bear is popular for its nature vibes. From free-flowing rivers and lakes to the forested mountains, you are in for an exciting nature walk. The wild part of the city is home to multiple hiking trails all leading to different natural features and formations in the area. It is the perfect opportunity for you to explore California’s diverse landscapes. Some of the trails are smooth and friendly to the family setting.

Scenic Rides

You may never understand the beauty of the city until you have an aerial view of the same. It is a scenic city with everything to show for it. To experience this, book your spot on Snow Summit’s Scenic Sky Chair. It is a mile-long ride ascending through dense forest vegetation. From up there, you will have a better perspective of the city. It is a luxurious way of exploring the city without going through hectic hiking experiences. Better still, kids ride for free, allowing you to cut on costs.

A Conglomeration of Global Cuisines

Food and culture are two inseparable components of every sane society. Traditionally, the city is known for its soulful delicacies. It is what locals love most. On days when you are after an interaction with locals, these joints will serve you well. The city has adopted a global face when it comes to dining culture. While Southern dishes dominate, there is a place for delicacies from almost all parts of the globe. Whether you are after Mexican, Chinese, Caribbean, or Japanese, you can be sure that there is a joint out there serving these menus.

Luxurious Holiday Cabins

Accommodation is a crucial part of your holiday experience in Big Bear. The city has been fronted as a luxury holiday destination and the available vacation rentals show why. These homes are lavishly furnished to match the status of a modern-day property. The properties sit in different locations, allowing you to choose cabins that work best for your case. From lakefront cabins to properties deeper in the woodlands, family vacations will never be the same again. Besides the usual kitchen and living room appliances, other properties have a hot tub installed outside. Instead of spending your entire time on the lake, you can still go home and enjoy yourself from this tub.

Celebrate Labor Day in Big Bear by Booking Your Vacation Rental Today

Luxury is the ideal definition of your holiday experience in Big Bear. To take it a notch higher, you need to rent a luxurious cabin out there in the wild. Our team at Big Bear Cabins is here to ensure your vacation features the luxury and convenience you deserve. Most holiday homes in the city are stand-alone properties, giving you and your kids the privacy you need. Our website has a long list of property entries and their respective features. Browse through our portfolio and identify cabins that complement your stay in the city. Reserve your Big Bear cabin rental today!


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