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Stop by the Big Bear Alpine Zoo on your next visit

Come Experience the Big Bear Alpine Zoo During Your Trip to Big Bear

A trip to Big Bear is something travelers from across the map can look forward to enjoying year after year. Whether it’s time on the lake that would make all the difference or time on the trails that has you inspired, a visit this way is a chance to enjoy a customized adventure at every single turn! From top-notch shopping and dining options to the time set aside to simply relax, unwind, and savor the moment, it’s bound to be an unforgettable vacation every time you head this way. Whether you’re traveling to Big Bear with family or friends in tow, when you’re looking for an activity to add to the itinerary that will pique everyone’s interest, the Big Bear Alpine Zoo is a must. It’s a place where education and engaging encounters with wildlife go hand-and-hand and it’s one where it’s easy to stay longer than you originally planned.

A Zoo with a Greater Purpose

When you take time to visit the Big Bear Alpine Zoo, you can feel great knowing you’re supporting a zoo that works on a foundation of purpose. The Big Bear Alpine Zoo is found at 42801 Moonridge Road in Big Bear and is open for exploration daily between 10:00 am and 4:00 pm. The zoo works as a dual exhibit space and rehabilitation facility for wildlife. The Big Bear Alpine Zoo takes in injured, orphaned, or imprinted wildlife in what’s been a trusted safe haven since first opening in 1959. Beyond their permanent collection of species for guests to encounter, the Big Bear Alpine Zoo is a fantastic place to learn more about the wildlife rehabilitation process as the on-site team works tirelessly to help injured and orphaned animals get strong and well enough to return to the wild successfully. If they can’t they become great ambassadors for their species right on-site! This makes a visit as interesting as it is inspiring for guests year-round.

Making the Most of Your Visit

Fascinating creatures are waiting to be observed and learned more about every time you add a stop at the Big Bear Alpine Zoo to your itinerary. The staff here is happy to answer any questions you might have along the way and there are opportunities to book a behind-the-scenes look at the care process upon request. When you make your way in this direction, you’ll have the option to observe everything from the Arctic fox and African pygmy hedgehogs to bald eagles and American crows. If you happen to be someone with a passion for bird watching, you’ll love the areas of the zoo where you can get up close to everything from sparrow hawks and American kestrels to American white pelicans as well. Visitors will see bearded dragons and black bears as well as Canadian geese and coyotes. Exhibits featuring fox squirrels and flying squirrels are sure to inspire while the glossy snake encounters and box turtles are always a delight! Gopher snakes, the grey fox, and golden eagles as well as bobcats call the Big Bear Alpine Zoo home while great horned owls and leopard geckos are on the lineup of observation opportunities too. You’ll learn more about how the gray wolf thrives and get up close to mule deer, mallards, and raccoons as well. From the sandhill cranes and western burrowing owls to the snowy owls and San Joaquin kit fox, it’s a stop you won’t soon forget.

Customize Your Day at the Big Bear Alpine Zoo

Tailoring your trip to the Big Bear Alpine Zoo to fit your needs is a breeze with every visit. Tickets are available for $16 per adult and $11 for kids 3 to 12. Those visiting under the age of 2 can enjoy entrance free of charge. Military members and seniors over 60 can enjoy discounts too. There’s free parking to enjoy at the zoo, which makes a stop here even more inviting and convenient while Visa and Mastercard are accepted on-site. Feel free to schedule group tours in advance if you’re heading this way with a large traveling crew and enjoy knowing there are also discounts available for groups of 10 or more.

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