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Family Friendly Activities in Big Bear

In Big Bear, you will find two different worlds depending on when you visit. During the colder months, you will find a winter wonderland offering more beauty than nearly anywhere else in the world. During the summer, you will find a paradise for outdoor recreation. Regardless of which version of Big Bear you experience, you can be sure that it will provide endless fun and activities for the entire family. The following are just a few family friendly activities in Big Bear.


In Big Bear, you will find some of the best freshwater fishing opportunities in all of California. This is especially true for the summertime, but you can also find plenty of fishing fun in the winter, whether by finding a patch of the lake that is not frozen or taking advantage of the unique opportunity to go ice fishing. Whether your child is an awesome little angler or has never tried it before, they are sure to have an amazing time fishing in Big Bear. This is because the area is just so beautiful, and the chances are extremely good that they will get plenty of bites. Fish right off of the shore of Big Bear Lake or go all out and rent a boat and fish wherever you would like!

The Big Bear Alpine Zoo

Just like in any city or town, the zoo in Big Bear serves as one of the favorite places of all children, and the parents cannot help but have a great time as well. This is a very cool experience because the zoo features animals that live in places like Big Bear. You always have an opportunity to see some wildlife when you explore Big Bear, but this puts you up close to some of the most amazing animals that are native to the area, but very rare these days. This includes wolves, coyotes, bears, bobcats, and countless other animals. But seeing the animals is only a small part of the cool things going on here, as there is always an interesting show or interactive experience.

Snow Fun

Obviously, during the winter, taking advantage of the snow is a must! One of the best ways to do this is by renting some snowshoes and hiking some of the beautiful trails around Big Bear. The town is also home to two world class ski resorts, where you can take advantage of the endless fun that comes with skiing and snowboarding. For something a little more casual, you can take advantage of sledding opportunities on countless hills throughout the area.

Regardless of how your family likes to spend time on vacation, you will find plenty of family friendly activities in Big Bear that will make for some lasting memories! To make the most of your trip here, stay in a cozy, fully-equipped cabin rental that everyone will love.