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Five Reasons to Visit Big Bear on Columbus Day Weekend

You probably don’t need an extra reason to visit Big Bear. To be perfectly honest, this is one of the most idyllic places on Earth, but if it makes you feel guilty to tell your boss, “Hey, I’m going to Big Bear for three days or more of peace, relaxation, and outdoor activities!” then tell him or her, “It’s Columbus Day and Fall Break for my kids; they’ve worked really hard in school this year and I am rewarding them!” Problem solved, and you get to enjoy an impromptu vacation in the cool mountain air! And now that you have the time off, here’s some fun things to keep you busy while you’re here!

Visit Big Bear During Oktoberfest!

How fortunate that Columbus Day is in October and you will be visiting right in the middle of our two-month celebration! Yes, Oktoberfest is a really big deal in Big Bear; we’ve been celebrating for over 150 years, and we think we get it right! The weekend of Columbus Day, you can expect much of the same, plus the Safe Slam Beer Drinking and Beer Pong Contest along with your live entertainment!

Let’s Go Leafing!

The nights are getting cooler and the scents of fall are wafting through the air. Pumpkin spice drinks are everywhere, there’s fires in the fireplaces, and the leaves are changing from emerald green to a fiery rainbow. Fall is here, and Columbus Day weekend is the prime time to view the beauty! Hike the trails that traverse Aspen Grove and be prepared to be wowed by the colorful show put on by Mother Nature!

Take a Segway Tour of the Town

There’s no better way to experience the beauty of Big Bear than by climbing aboard a Segway and zipping around town. Action Segway Tours at 40754 Village Drive has your next Columbus Day adventure waiting for you!

Rent a Canoe for Romance

You love her, you really do, and you’ve proved it so many ways throughout the years. Here’s a new way to get the message across: Pack a picnic lunch, a bottle of wine, and paddle your way across smooth waters with the mountains standing guard and the trees dressed in their most colorful fall clothing. This could be the perfect time to ask that special question, if you get what we mean!

Follow Up the Romance with MORE Romance

Your Big Bear cabin is yours for the week. Why not take advantage of the Columbus Day holiday by staying home and enjoying it? Roast marshmallows in the fire pit, drink champagne in the hot tub, and spend some quiet hours enjoying the company of that very special person in your life. We can’t force you to pop the question, but we can give you a vacation you won’t ever forget. Reserve yours today and give a nod to Christopher Columbus as you celebrate life in a Big Bear cabin.