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Kayaking and Canoeing in Big Bear

No matter if you’re at the North Shore landing or hitting the water from the Marina in Metcalf Bay, kayaking is popular all across Big Bear Lake! Whether you prefer the deeper seats of a canoe or the windmill motions of kayak-paddling, these small boats may be the best way to enjoy time on the lake. You get to take total control of your voyage—no driver but you, no passengers but your family or friends! They may be man-powered, but its good, rewarding exercise; with each push of your muscles, you’ll feel the rush of rewarding slide across the surface of the water. You’ll have tons of fun, and you can count it as a workout!

Staying close to the water on a paddled boat like a canoe or kayak is also ideal for feeling in touch with nature. The slower pace helps you familiarize yourself with the surroundings and gives you the chance to pick up on details that you’d miss in a faster vehicle. Plus, they have much better access to little inlets and hidden coves thanks to their smaller size and maneuverability! What will you discover on your canoe trip across Big Bear Lake? If you’re excited to get your kayak or canoe adventure started, here’s where to look.

Pleasure Point Marina

One of the several canoe and kayak rentals in Big Bear, California, Pleasure Point is a fine stop for your boating needs. They even boast their own bait house! Why head out to a lake for an afternoon and return empty-handed?

Holloway’s Marina and RV Park

Another company that boasts boating rentals, Holloway’s also rents out fishing equipment. If you want to kick the speed up a notch, ask these folks about wakeboarding rides as well! These folks are sure to know the perfect spots to paddle out to for a relaxing spell on the water.

Paddles and Pedals

This shop is located on the northern shore of Big Bear, and worth a visit if you’re staying in that area. They’re on N. Shore Lane, not far from the Big Bear Discovery Center on N. Shore Drive. As the name implies, these folks rent out canoes, kayaks, and bikes—if you have some landlubbers in your party, head here before parting ways for your respective enjoyments!

Pine Knot Marina

If you’re not entirely sold on kayaking, check out Pine Knot Marina—they’ve got it all! Whether you want to hit the water in a jet ski, a kayak, or a pontoon, this store has you covered. Trust the good people at Pine Knot Marina to show you how to have a good time on the water!

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