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Natural Attractions in Big Bear

Frequent visitors to Big Bear know the area is an outdoor enthusiast’s playground with many natural attractions to be found in the area. Many of these attractions have been staples to the community and important to the overall history of Big Bear. A trip to our mountain town is sure to be full of exciting and educational experiences alike. Why not take some time to learn and play in Big Bear? Take a look at some of the natural attractions you need to see in person in Big Bear:

San Bernardino Forest – Full of Natural Attractions

Everywhere you look while in Big Bear, you will be staring at the incredible wilderness of the San Bernardino National Forest. This national forest is over 823,000 acres in size with Big Bear being the only city to be located in its borders. The San Bernardino Forest is an important attraction for the community as it hosts a variety of endangered species including bald eagles and peregrine falcons, among others. While California as a whole has been victim to multiple forest fires over recent years, the amazing team at the San Bernardino Forest work tirelessly to ensure its safety. Visitors to Big Bear can explore much of the forest on their own with the numerous hiking trails found nearby. Over 40 campsites can be also be enjoyed for a night under the stars.

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While the forest is currently closed due to the ongoing wildfires, the beauty of the area lives on and will be available to explore once again soon. Fire safety is always important, and now more than ever we hope you work with us to help preserve this lush natural landscape for future generations.

Big Bear Lake

Big Bear would not be what it is today without Big Bear Lake right here in town. The area was first settled over 2,000 years ago by indigenous tribes because the lake offered a fresh water source. Having the lake here in town gives life to surrounding area with plenty of local plant life being a food source for the wildlife of Southern California. Building up the community around Big Bear Lake can make it difficult for local wildlife to thrive. Fortunately, the lake hosts the Stanfield Marsh Wildlife and Waterfowl Preserve. This beautiful preservation is a peaceful location where waterfowls such as pelicans and herons can live. This marsh is best experienced during the spring or fall seasons when the water levels return to normal and the wildlife will be more out in the open. Don’t forget your binoculars, as you will need them to see all the incredible life around Big Bear Lake.

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More to Enjoy in Big Bear

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