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Road Trip to Big Bear

Plan a Spring Road Trip to Big Bear, California

There is nothing better than planning for your next adventure getaway so hop in the car and start your very own road trip. The spring season is the perfect time for a road trip with friends or family especially when you choose an ideal location such as Big Bear. Our vacation destination heats up for the spring season opening up all of the wonderful activities found most of the year. Here is how to plan for a spring road trip to Big Bear:

Hit the Lake

Easily the biggest attraction to all of Big Bear is our very own Big Bear Lake. The namesake of the town features 23 miles of shoreline and is absolutely inviting during the spring season. A spring road trip is the perfect spring break itinerary. The lake will be fully open for the spring allowing you to enjoy a variety of activities. Hit the marina and grab yourself a water craft rental; the marinas feature shops that rent out items such as paddle boards, kayaks, jet skis, pontoon boats, and much more. The water might be a little chilly still but that won’t stop the brave from having a blast in the water. Get ready for the marinas to open up on April 1st!

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Spring Fishing

The spring season is a great time of year to try your hand at reeling up a trophy catch around Big Bear Lake. The marinas also offer fishing boat rentals so you can have your own vehicle to traverse the shore with. Big Bear Lake is known for some great rainbow trout fishing in the spring so make sure you have your cooler ready. Big Bear Sporting Goods in town will have all of the fishing gear you need for a successful hunt. All fisherman need to get a valid fishing license before you hit the water!

Go Off Roading

If you brought your own off roading vehicle you will have a blast at the San Bernardino National Forest. You will find plenty of off road vehicle trails for a thrilling experience on the road. If you want to join a tour look at Big Bear Jeep Experience for your own personal Jeep tour through the forest!

Time to Start Planning Your Road Trip to Big Bear

As you can see the spring season is the perfect time for a road trip. Book one of our vacation rentals today for the perfect spring experience.

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