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Planning a Girls’ Getaway in Big Bear

We have a reputation for being a place for family vacations, but Big Bear offers great pastimes for all sorts of groups. So, if you’re looking for a great place to get away from it all and enjoy mountain air with your best friends, then grab some of your favorite gal pals and starting thinking about a Big Bear getaway!

Hike and Nature Walks

Leave social media behind for a while and enjoy some of Big Bear’s beautiful scenery. Take it easy on the Woodland Trail and try spotting some critters scampering about. Or, test your mettle on the Cougar Crest Trail, connecting with the renowned Pacific Crest Trail. All these and more make for some great bonding time as you leave civilization behind. And when you do return to social media, you’ll have some great pictures!

Spa Date

Of course, Big Bear has plenty of ways to relax as well! Fabulous spas such as Altitudes Massage and Elevations Day Spa are great ideas for the girls to recuperate, whether from a day of hiking or just general stress of life. Facials and pedicures will have you feeling more beautiful than ever at Elevations Day Spa, while Altitudes’ deep tissue massages will have you feeling limber and energetic! Get a series of couple’s packages or ask them about group pricing. Or enjoy a spa-day in your very own jacuzzi when you book a cabin like Meadow Retreat!


If you want to set inhibitions aside for a little while, then there’s always the tried-and-true method of karaoke! Here in Big Bear, the most popular karaoke bar is Murray’s, a family-friendly saloon that gives you the chance to take the mike any night of the week.

Big Bear Getaway

Big Bear Cabins has a great variety of places to stay, whether you’re looking for something small like the two-bedroom Brown Bears Cabin where you can all sleep in the same room like an old-fashioned sleepover or something larger with plenty of privacy. What they all have in common though is that they’re all fantastic for a girls’ night in! Watch DVDs or use the Wi-Fi to enjoy some Netflix. Take advantage of all your space for anything from a wine-tasting party to a staged picture competition. Whatever you have in mind, our cabins are a great place for it. Call us at 877-473-5360 now to learn more about our great offerings!