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snow at Big Bear

Playing in the Snow at Big Bear, CA!

It may seem a little strange to be talking about playing in the snow when most of the country is already planning their summer vacations, but the heat will soon be upon us and we’re not quite ready to let go of winter; can you blame us? The active snow season ends in mid-March, but it’s never too late to start planning for next year, so we have provided a list of snow activities that are fun for every member of your family. Put on your mittens, drag out your snow boots, and start preparing for a winter vacation that reminds you of your childhood. Snowball fights are included at no extra cost!

Fun Activities in the Snow at Big Bear

The slopes of Big Bear offer more than a great place to ski or snowboard. There are many hills that offer the perfect opportunity to sled or innertube down as well. Your children can experience the thrill of the cold air snapping against their cheeks as they speed down the hill hanging on tightly and laughing the whole way down—then picking up their sled and trekking back up to the top to do it again!

Alpine Slide at Magic Mountain

You’ve watched the fun on television during the Winter Olympics, now it’s time to experience it yourself on the only authentic bobsled experience in Southern California. THIS is snow play at its finest! Offering snow making machines to help make the fun last until April, Spring Break vacations have never been this fun! The “Magic Carpet” people mover allows you to stretch out your fun even longer; no more trudging up the steep slopes, just step on the pad and allow machinery to do the hard work for you!

Grizzly Ridge Tubing Park at Snow Summit

If you find yourself with the “need for speed,” Grizzly Ridge Tubing Park offers a safe, yet exhilarating high-speed snow tube ride. The tubes are made from heavy duty materials and glide easily across the packed snow!

Big Bear Snow Play

Offering speed, distance, and the Magic Carpet for the return trip up, Big Bear Snow Play—formerly known as Rebel Ridge—is another tube run that will appeal to your inner child. The snow making machines found here allow the fun to continue through April. Summer is just around the corner; wouldn’t it be fun to put off the heat just a little longer?

Covered from the Elements

Both Big Bear Snow Play and the Alpine Slide at Magic Mountain offer plexiglass tunnels that allow great views while keeping out the inclement weather! Yep, they have thought of everything necessary to ensure your winter fun in Big Bear is the best ever. It won’t be long before the snow melts, the sun shines brightly, and cold winter days are just a distant memory. Book your rustic Big Bear cabin today and rediscover the joys of playing in snow at Big Bear.