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Winter in Big Bear

Reasons to Visit Big Bear in the Winter

While most people tend to plan their vacations for the summer when the sun is always shining,and the temperatures are sultry, you like to do things a bit differently. Always marching to the beat of a different drummer, your favorite vacations are the ones taken in winter. Cold weather, snow on the ground, and the sight of other like minded individuals dressed in their wintry best makes you happy. And because we are fans of people who like to think outside the box, we are inviting you to spend your next winter vacation in our mountain village. Here are some of our favorite reasons why visiting Big Bear in the winter will make you happy!

Skiing in Big Bear

The mountains that surround our idyllic town are more than just for show; they are home to two ski resorts,Bear Mountain Ski Resort and Snow Summit Ski Resort,allowing you and your family to double your fun during your California vacation! Offering rentals and lessons in both locations, skiers of all experience levels will soon learn the joys of a winter day spent skiing in Big Bear on the slopes.

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Helicopter Big Bear Tours, 501 Valley Boulevard

To be completely honest with you, tours of Big Bear by helicopter are a treat any time of the year, but we think the views are more magical when experienced in the winter. A blanket of snow softens all the harsh edges of our village, and the mountains standing guard in the background are nowhere near as bleak as you might think they may be—especially when enjoyed from a bird’s viewpoint! With prices starting at $35 per passenger, the tours offered by Helicopter Big Bear will easily fit into even the tightest of vacation budgets.

Explore the Village

The shopping and entertainment district is perfect to play in year round, but in the winter,when it’s decorated for Christmas, The Village truly comes alive. Enjoy shopping at cute boutiques, fill your stomach with tasty foods, or simply take a bench and spend an afternoon people watching; everything fun happens here!

Enjoy the Cold from the Inside

After a day spent outside, the warmth of your Big Bear Cabins vacation escape will start to look pretty good! Build a fire, brew some coffee, and cuddle up close with the one you love most in life; our sofas are comfortable and soft and you won’t want to get up unless you absolutely have to! Reserve your stay today and discover the beauty of Big Bear in the winter.

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