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Big Bear vacation

Romantic Big Bear

Romantic Big Bear Vacation

You’ll be hard pressed to find a more romantic place in the country than right here in Big Bear, CA. The perfect seasonal climate and beautiful landscapes, along with countless activities to do in the area, have made Big Bear a top destination for couples seeking a romantic getaway. Whether it’s a honeymoon celebration, engagement proposition, or your 50th anniversary, we’re confident that you’re going to fall in love with the area while staying in one of our Big Bear cabins.

Four Seasons to Love

Much of the majesty surrounding Big Bear is its relatively mild four-season climate. Looking for a sunny, outdoor romantic Big Bear vacation that isn’t going to induce heat exhaustion? Come to Big Bear during one of the summer months. Are you hoping to hunker down in our log cabins by the fireside while the snow falls outside? Stay in Big Bear for a holiday getaway in December. Don’t underestimate, however, the beauty of a California fall or spring. Find the happy medium between climates and enjoy the changing colors of the trees when you visit Big Bear in April or October.

Beautiful Views & Wildlife

All of the good weather is perfectly accompanied by the natural beauty of Big Bear. The city itself is situated on the south shore of Big Bear Lake, the largest snow fed reservoir lake in Southern California. It is also Southern California’s largest recreational lake. Gaze out into the San Bernardino Mountains while boating on Big Bear Lake for a truly wondrous view.

The surrounding San Bernardino Forest is full of wildlife, making you feel like Los Angeles is in another world entirely. It’s not uncommon to see actual black bears meander around the region that holds their namesake. Don’t worry about bear attacks too much; the black bear isn’t aggressive like the grizzly bears that used to roam the region.

No Excuses for Boredom in Big Bear

The diversity of landscapes means that there’s also a wide range of outdoor activities in Big Bear. Catch some fish on Big Bear Lake and cook them up back at the cabin as a dinner for two. Hit the slopes for a few days of skiing or snowboarding if you visit during the winter. Hiking the surrounding San Bernardino Mountains can be done pretty much year-round, and offers some of the best views in California.

We also understand that there are going to be nights where you want to lay low. Big Bear City is a quaint town with plenty of restaurants, shops, grocery stores, and specialty services. Book your cabin today to experience the romantic Big Bear vacation of a lifetime.

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