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Enjoy these secluded Big Bear activities

Secluded Activities in Big Bear

When travelers are looking for a place where they can enjoy high-energy fun alongside family and friends, there’s no better place on the map than Big Bear, California. However, when it’s a more quiet and secluded retreat you’re looking to enjoy, tranquility is well within reach in Big Bear too! From the stunning surroundings to the many mindful activities, you can easily add to your itinerary far from the crowds, enjoying some well-deserved peace of mind is always an option here. The following are a few of the secluded activities in Big Bear you can try the next time your travel plans bring you this way in the name of a relaxing stay.

Go Equestrian

Racing through a getaway is one way to do things but when you’re looking to slow life down and enjoy time at your own pace, booking a riding session at Baldwin Lakes Stables during your Big Bear adventure is a good way to go. The stables are found at 46475 Pioneertown Road and private lessons are available upon request. Feel free to book a 1-hour, 2-hour, or 3-hour riding experience alongside a knowledgeable guide who will lead you on trails that showcase the best of Big Bear scenery. The stables have been serving the area for over 25 years and are happy to accommodate riders of all skill levels.

Check Out the Big Bear Retreat Center

When focused seclusion is just what you need, participating in an experience at the Big Bear Retreat Center promises to inspire. This destination enjoys a location on a 100-acre property nestled within a gorgeous forest of junipers and pines. Here, guests are invited to take all the time they need to meditate and allow the beauty of nature to help them focus their minds and calm their spirits. Letting go of stress is well within reach at the Big Bear Retreat Center which offers year-round guided experiences as well as space to just take it all at your own pace.

Let Yoga Guide the Way to a Moment of Well-Deserved Solitude

A traditional yoga session is often packed with participants but when you’re looking to enjoy a well-earned moment of solitude, Mountain Yoga Center in Big Bear has you covered. Located at 41957 Big Bear Boulevard #3, the Mountain Yoga Center is a place in town where you can book 1-hour private yoga sessions for just $75. Sessions are easily customized to skill level and are a great way to refresh, revitalize, and relax alongside your knowledgeable one-on-one instructor.

Explore the Baldwin Lake Ecological Reserve During Your Stay

Oftentimes, it’s an act as simple as getting into nature and appreciating your surroundings that can be endlessly refreshing. When this sounds like exactly what you need, make sure your Big Bear getaway includes some quality time at the Baldwin Lake Ecological Reserve. Here, you can leave the hustle of life far behind as you spend time savoring nature’s tranquility. The Baldwin Lake Ecological Reserve hosts stunning landscapes featuring unique pebble plain habitats that thrive within the parameters of the Big Bear Valley. Lingering longer than you originally planned is easy once you realize you’re looking at landscapes that are a rarity everywhere else on the planet. The terrain here is the result of clay soil covered with Ice Age-era alpine plants referred to as pebble plains. The white and orange quartzite on the surface provide the area with its name and a mesmerizing combination of hues to enjoy too. If you happen to swing by in the spring, bring your camera and appreciation for even more color as wildflowers throughout the reserve are in full bloom.

Embrace Gratitude at Grateful Heart Animal Sanctuary

A little gratitude enjoyed in solitude can go a long way when you visit the Grateful Heart Animal Sanctuary in Big Bear. Found at 47022 Lakeview Road, the Grateful Heart Animal Sanctuary is a haven and local retreat for rescued farm animals. Here, they’re nursed back to health and given the opportunity to live out their lives in a place where they’re cared for around the clock. A visit here is a good reminder of the power of hope and second chances. It’s a wonderful way to spend the afternoon that will likely inspire you to go out and do good in the world yourself in the name of the resilience you’re surrounded by.

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