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Big Bear Trip

How to Spend Your 48 Hour Big Bear Trip

Big Bear is as ideal of a place for a vacation as you will find anywhere. Between endless beautiful landscape and plenty of ways to take advantage of it, you can keep yourself busy in Big Bear for months. But being that this is a very popular spot for weekend getaways, it is important to know how to get the most out of this incredible area within 48 hours. Throughout this time, you can find great excitement, relaxing activities, and endless beauty. Here are some ideas about how to make the most out of your 48 hour Big Bear trip.

Start Having Fun!

To start off, you can really get to know the area by having breakfast at one of the town’s beloved diners like Grizzly Manor or Teddy Bear Restaurant. Comfort food in massive portions served in a place that does well in capturing the charm of this small town is a great way to start! From here, you can stay in the downtown area exploring the town’s unique streets, finding endless art galleries, shops, and more, or you can go with the safe route in heading straight to the lake for some fun.

There are many ways to find fun on the lake. A great way to begin your adventure here is by jumping on the Miss Liberty Tour Boat, which provides amazing views of the town and wilderness along with an insight into the history. It is also always a good idea to rent a boat, jet skis, or really any watercraft for a day of lake recreation! The lake tends to take it out of you, so you should find one of Big Bear’s phenomenal restaurants for a delicious dinner and then head back to your vacation rental where you can lounge around the fire.

It is always good to start the second day on a relaxing note. You can find numerous spas throughout town, or simply find a charming café by the lake for that morning cup of coffee. Once you are nice and loose, head out to one of Big Bear’s amazing hiking trails. You can find easy trails, where the focus is more on beautiful views rather than high exertion. Bring a picnic along to enjoy on a beautiful vista and make a lovely afternoon out of it. After this, you can choose between many Big Bear attractions like the Alpine Zoo, the Discovery Center, and so much more. Or you can always find a nice piece of shore where you can hunker down and cast a line out for some fishing.

Sleep Like a King During Your Big Bear Trip

Of course, about one-third of your 48 hour Big Bear trip will be spent asleep. As such, a very important part of maximizing your 48 hours here is having a wonderful place to sleep. That is why you need to find a beautiful and cozy place to stay while you are here. As luck would have it, there is no shortage of amazing vacation rental options in the area, especially when you trust Big Bear Cabins to provide the perfect place for you and your group. As one of the top vacation rental firms in the area, we offer the widest selection of homes, each offering the highest quality and something unique. Great beds, cozy furnishings, spacious floor plans, and luxurious amenities are only a few things that you will love about each and every one of these rentals. Find the right place for you by contacting us today!