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Thanksgiving dinner in Big Bear

Thanksgiving in Big Bear

It does not take much convincing for someone to understand that Big Bear is an incredible place to visit. The one of a kind lake and every single type of recreational activity are very obviously amazing reasons to visit any place. But it may not be quite as obvious why this city in California is one of the best places to visit during Thanksgiving. Well, this just happens to be the case, and there are plenty of reasons why. You will find a couple of the reasons for having a Thanksgiving dinner in Big Bear below.

Events for the Whole Family

As Thanksgiving rolls around, the Big Bear community and its countless visitors gather for many traditions. One of the most fun of these traditions is the Turkey Trot. On the day of Thanksgiving, thousands of people assemble at Meadow Park for much more than your typical turkey trot. You can choose the 3, 6, or 9-mile option, but there is so much more to enjoy, including activities and even a costume contest. The day after Thanksgiving, you can enjoy a free festival culminating with Santa’s arrival and the lighting of the tree. There are also many concerts, festivals, and fairs!

The Recreation Never Stops

You can also find a wide variety of ways to spend a day in Big Bear that are unique to this area. Boat rides and hikes are of course always there for the taking, but there are also many special activities. One of the classic Big Bear experiences is happening at the Action Zip Line. There is a scavenger hunt happening every day of the year, rain or shine, and the zoo is always open for business. You can also explore the area in incredible ways through jeep tours, helicopter tours, and horseback rides.

Thanksgiving Dinner in Big Bear That Will Make You Give Thanks

The amazing food is not exactly what Big Bear is known for, but it certainly makes a trip here more enjoyable! You can find amazing takes on the classic Thanksgiving dinner in Big Bear at places like The Pines Lakefront, Nottinghams Restaurant, and Peppercorn Grill, among others. But you can also find cuisine that departs from the turkey and mashed potatoes that you have come to expect from the holiday. You can find Tibetan cuisine at Himalayan Restaurant, delicious Thai food at The Royal Thai Café, and Indian at MasalaCraft.

If you think that this is an impressive list of reasons to spend Thanksgiving in Big Bear, then just wait until you experience it for yourself. For every item on this modest list, there are 10 other ways to enjoy the area. Regardless of how you like to spend time on a vacation, you will find endless ways to pursue it in Big Bear. Make this amazing place a part of your Thanksgiving tradition!

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