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Discover the most popular Big Bear waterfalls in the area

The Best Waterfalls in Big Bear

For many adventurers with a passion for time in the great outdoors, a trip to Big Bear, California is an opportunity to get out and make the most of mountain scenery, fresh air, and fun on the trails. While taking time to infuse wildlife-watching and conquering steep elevations into your stay is always something to look forward to, a visit to Big Bear is also an opportunity to add waterfall-chasing to the list. If you are someone who looks forward to finding new and beautiful views wherever you roam the hidden away cascades that can be admired in and around Big Bear are sure to inspire. The following are a few Big Bear waterfalls you’re going to want to make sure to make time to see for yourself the next time you’re in town.

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Fee Free to Linger at Big Falls

Just about a 20-minute drive from Big Bear in nearby Forest Falls, cascade chasers will find they can pair a scenic hike with the reward of time well spent at Big Falls. This cascade is both breathtaking and a treat for those who are looking to capture impressive local landscapes on camera. Before you head out to see Big Falls, you’ll want to make sure you have an Adventure Pass in hand to make sure your trip goes off without a hitch. Once you do, you’ll make your way towards the Big Falls Trail which is an out-and-back route that’s considered moderately challenging due to some rugged terrain. The trail is less than a mile long and enjoys an elevation gain of just 226 feet along the way. Typically, hikers will want to set aside around 30 minutes to complete the trail which is frequented by people and leashed pets most often between April and October.

Once you reach Big Falls, you’ll enjoy time face-to-face with one of the largest year-round running waterfalls that Southern California hosts. The top of the biggest cascade at Big Falls sits at around 200 feet above the ground, making for a dramatic scene as water tumbles into the river below. Between the two main waterfalls here, there are several smaller cascades so in total, the drop from top to bottom appears to be around 500 feet. The best place to observe the falls is from the designated overlook. Hiking up to the top of the falls is prohibited due to slippery rocks and uneven climbing terrain, but the overlook offers a gorgeous vantage point. Make sure everyone in your traveling crew has a camera in hand for this stop, as it’s one you’re surely going to want to look back on after your trip to scenic Big Bear comes to an end.

Check out Big Bear waterfalls

Check Out Hidden Away Cold Creek Falls

While Big Falls often gets the most attention from local cascade chasers, there’s a smaller cascade in the area that you won’t want to miss. Cold Creek Falls is a hidden away gem that’s worth admiring if you’re willing to put the effort in to find it. Located in nearby Angelus Oaks, Cold Creek Falls enjoys a place within the perimeters of San Bernardino County between Big Bear Lake and Redlands. Sometimes, Cold Creek Falls is referred to as Mill Creek Road Falls as it’s found just off Mill Creek Road. When you arrive, you’ll be greeted by a 20-foot waterfall that’s relaxing and tranquil. It’s a great place to take pictures, enjoy a picnic, or just settle in and listen to the sound of surrounding birds in the forested terrain.

Search for Waterfalls off the Castle Rock Trail

When it comes to popular hikes in Big Bear, it’s hard to imagine a trekking adventure that doesn’t include Castle Rock Trail on the list. Located on the western side of the lake, Castle Rock Trail is a route that offers spectacular views as you make your way through granite rock outcroppings. It’s a challenging route, but if you’re willing to go even further, you’ll find some hidden cascades to enjoy. If you follow the trail past Castle Rock for about a mile, you’ll find yourself heading toward the Champion Lodgepole Pine and Bluff Lake area. The terrain here hosts hidden away cascades to check out that are unexpected and thrilling for the same reason. Travelers who are looking for more information on more hidden away cascades can always take time to visit the Big Bear Discovery Center before heading out to explore. This is a great place to speak with a local expert on area trails, the hidden gems, and even plan a guided hike if you prefer some historical background and landmarks pointed out along the way.

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