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image of an individual riding their bike in big bear during the summer

Things to Do in Big Bear in the Summer

We may be biased, but the mountains are just more exciting than flatlands. The rising peaks promise excitement, exploration, challenge, beauty, and so much more! If you don’t get to visit the mountains often, then try to fill your schedule with some of these summertime activities in Big Bear while you’re here. The crisp mountain air will surely put a spring in your step as you head out on your own adventure!


Hiking is always popular up in the mountains, and for great reasons, too. It makes excellent light, to heavy exercise. It gives you an excuse to enjoy the invigoratingly clean mountain air. And, hiking doesn’t restrict you to the same location every time! With a wealth of trailheads in the area, there’s always something new to explore when you visit Bear Mountain—new views to take in, new pictures to take, and new stories to tell. Just remember to bring sunscreen!

Sky Chair Scenery

While Snow Summit sounds like a wintery destination, it has steady business in summer as people come to use the repurposed chair lift. From Snow Summit’s chair lift, you can get a breathtaking view of the mountain, including the lake. The ride is only about ten minutes, but you’ll be proud of your photos for a long time to come!


Have you ever looked out from a high place and wanted to see how far you could jump? Now you safely can! Action Zipline Tours will give you the chance to glide effortlessly through the treetops. Their three-hour tour takes you off the beaten path in a jeep and across nine ziplines down the mountain. It’s how Big Bear does roller coasters—so strap in (safety first!) and prepare for some high-speed fun during these incredible summertime activities in Big Bear!

Helicopter Tours

Yet another way to see Bear Mountain from an entirely new angle. If gliding through the treetops isn’t enough for you, how about soaring above them? Helicopter Big Bear offers helicopter tours that will give you a true bird’s-eye view of beautiful California. Their tours can show you not only Big Bear Valley, but the Santa Ana Canyon, the Mojave Desert, and the San Gorgonio mountain ranges. If you’ve never been in a helicopter before, perhaps you should check it off your bucket list!

Big Bear’s Best

Of course, staying in and relaxing is another fine way to enjoy the mountains. Make sure you stay in a great home, like those offered by Big Bear Cabins, to make the most of your stay here! Contact us to learn more about our offerings!