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Top 5 Spring Outdoor Activities in Big Bear

You will find a great experience in Big Bear during the winter. You will find a great experience in Big Bear during the summer. But the spring is an amazing time to visit Big Bear as well, in which you can take advantage of the best of both worlds. Here are just a few of the best spring outdoor activities in Big Bear.

You Can Still Enjoy Amazing Skiing and Snowboarding

People flock to Big Bear during the winter to take advantage of some of the best skiing and snowboarding in the country, but you can find some of the best opportunities in the spring, as the slopes typically do not close until sometime in the middle of April. You can enjoy great skiing without the higher rates or larger crowds that come with peak season.


Finally, the ice has let up and Big Bear Lake provides for some amazing recreation again! One of the best ways to do it right in Big Bear is to take to the water by boat. This activity is the best way to blend the fun of gliding across the water with the profound experience of viewing the area’s incredible beauty from a unique vantage point. There is not a moment wasted on the water in Big Bear.

Mountain Biking

Big Bear is not only known for some of the best winter recreation opportunities, but also for its spring and summer recreation. Just as you can find some of the best slopes in the country for skiing and snowboarding here, you can find some of the best slopes in the country for mountain biking as well. Many people pay a small fee to take the gondola up the mountain with their bike, and then shred down the slopes. There are trails for bicyclists of all levels, and this experience is guaranteed to be unforgettable.


Now is the time that you can trade in those snowshoes for a cozy pair of hiking boots, and there are plenty of opportunities to put them to good use in Big Bear. You will find endless networks of trails that immerse you in everything Big Bear has to offer. Some showcase canyons and streams, while others provide the most breathtaking views of the mountains and the lake. There is something for everyone along these paths.

Think Outside the Box

As countless people love to vacation in Big Bear, the community has cultivated endless ways for people to experience this amazing place. One of the most interesting of these is by doing some ziplining. This blends heart-pumping fun with incredible beauty along the tops of the trees. You can also get outside and do some horseback riding, helicopter touring, and so much more.

It is impossible to say that one season or another is the best for a visit to Big Bear, simply because each brings with it something unique and exciting especially when you stay in one of our Big Bear mountain cabins. But one thing is for sure: Big Bear is one of the best spring vacation destinations that you will find anywhere in the world!