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Big Bear Lake Fishing Spots

Top Big Bear Lake Fishing Spots

Not only do families flock to Big Bear Lake every year to enjoy the local attractions, they also come to the lake to partake in some of the best fishing in Southern California. Big Bear Lake has some incredible fishing locations where you are almost guaranteed to find your biggest catch. Some of the spots can be tricky to find if you do not know where to look. Here are the top Big Bear Lake fishing spots that you need to check out:

Big Bear Lake Fishing Spots in Spring Season

The best fishing spots around Big Bear Lake all depend on the season you are visiting the area. Fish will migrate to other points of the lake throughout the year. The spring to early summer season is best spent fishing around Pine Knot Landing. We recommend renting your own fishing boat from the Pine Knot Marina that will let you explore this area and up to Gilner Point. If you do not have access to a rental boat, you can easily check out Stanfield Cutoff and Juniper Point where you can throw your line into the water straight from the shore.

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Summer Season

The later summer season sees the native rainbow trout, carp, and bass move closer to the north and south shores of Big Bear Lake. Similar to Pine Knot Landing, these two shores are best explored by boat, allowing you to have free reign over the water. Those who wish to keep to land can find their best chances of landing their catch around Windy Point, the North Shore Landing, and Gray’s Landing. North Shore Landing and Gray’s Landing both make it easy with plenty of spots where you can keep comfortable while easily spending a few hours of fishing.

Fall Season

Last but not least, the fall season sees one more shift in the best fishing spots around Big Bear Lake. Boat renters will find their best chances just east of Windy Point closer towards the Observatory. These catches can also be had just offshore in the area between the North Shore Landing and the Observatory.

Your Next Big Bear Fishing Adventure

If you are looking for the best fishing opportunities in Big Bear, these are your prime destinations. Enjoy the best fishing experience you have ever had by visiting Big Bear Lake this year. Our East Area Big Bear Lake vacation rentals will keep you comfortable in between your excursions with luxury amenities and spacious floor plans. Some like Boulder Creek are a short walk from the lake. For large groups, check out Owl Pine Lodge. Let us find you the perfect vacation rental for your next stay in Big Bear!