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Top End of Summer Activities in Big Bear

Big Bear is an amazing place to spend a summer vacation, as it provides all the lake fun you can handle. But as the summer fades and fall arrives, it begins to turn into a winter wonderland. This is a big reason why it is a favorite vacation spot for so many people out there; Big Bear is a great destination in every season! Here is a brief list of some things you need to do before the summer officially ends in Big Bear.

Go Fishing

Fishing during the summer in Big Bear will provide for some of the most action-packed days that you will find anywhere. The area is especially renowned for the incredible amount of trout that are out there for catching. Along with trout, you can catch largemouth bass, catfish, crappie, bluegill, and many more. This time of year offers great opportunities for fishing; during the winter, catch rates slow down as fish head towards deeper water.


There is no doubt that camping is a possibility even when the cold winter months come around, but doing so comfortably becomes a heck of a lot more difficult when the snows fall around Big Bear. This is why you are probably better off getting your camping in before summer comes to an end. There are countless great spots to go camping in the area. You can find campsites with amenities like bathrooms, showers, and running water, or you can find a nice secluded spot and immerse yourself in the beauty here.


This will be the 47th year that the most celebrated Oktoberfest in all of California has taken over this little community. The celebration is amazing: Attendees are promised amazing German food, entertainment, and of course, beer. September 23rd is the date to remember here.


This is a very simple activity, but it is an important one, especially when you are talking about a trip to a lake. Big Bear Lake is an alpine lake, so the water will be a cooler than other places, especially near the end of summer. But the water is comfortable enough that you can enjoy a day of swimming with some good sunshine.

The few events mentioned above do not even begin to tell the whole story of your options in this amazing place as summer winds down. Fall and winter are coming, but you certainly have time for one last summertime trip—make it a Big Bear trip!