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Top Lakes, Rivers, and Waterfalls in Big Bear

Summer is upon us, and with the sun rising high and the temperatures climbing to match, so many of us feel the call of the water! Whether you want to plunge in and play, go out on a boat, or just find a retreat where the water provides some cooling imagery, the mountains around Big Bear Lake have you covered for all aquatic activities. The next question you need to ask yourself is: what are the best places to see in Big Bear?

Places to See in Big Bear Lake

The most obvious choice is naturally the lake that the town is named for! This beautiful lake remains a key feature in the city’s tourism, and for great reason. The calm waters are perfect for going for a swim, whether it’s for exercise or just for fun! Tall boulders surrounding the shore make ideal jumping-off points for a thrilling dive. Water vehicles of all kinds are popular here, and plenty of businesses rent them out. So, if you’ve never had the chance to water ski, jet ski, or kayak, here is the place to try it out!

Bluff Lake

This lake is less popular but much more relaxing. A twenty-five-minute drive southwest on Mill Creek Road takes you to Bluff Lake Reserve. The picturesque lake is home to plenty of flora and fauna, watched over by The Wildlands Conservancy to maintain its unique ecology and charm. This makes Bluff Lake a great place to go bird-watching, take pictures, or introduce children to mountain ecology. Picnics and hiking are also popular here, so long as the environment remains minimally disturbed.

Forest Falls

Forest Falls is more of a trail than a water feature—the falls themselves have been closed off due to the hazardous area. However, the trail remains popular, nestled in the forest about an hour and a half away from Big Bear Lake along CA-38. It requires an adventure pass to hike, so look into getting one of these if you’re an avid hiker. While the easy hike offers gorgeous scenery, Big Falls remains the main attraction, visible from a distance roughly twenty minutes from the parking lot.

Holcomb Creek

If you prefer river fishing to lake fishing, head north past the lake to Coxey Road, and then find Holcomb Creek where the road intersects with Forest Route 3N93. The creek travels partway along Route 3N93, which is a difficult but exciting hike!

Staying in Big Bear

Wherever you go in Big Bear, Big Bear Cabins remains one of the greatest places to stay! We have accommodation for large groups in cabins like Mishka’s Place. Or check out Lakefront in Fawnskin for smaller groups. Be sure to contact us to learn more about our fantastic offerings.