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Top Restaurants in Big Bear Village

If you are like most of us, one of your favorite vacation activities is discovering new restaurants in Big Bear and trying all the foods that are unique to the area you are visiting. Mexican food, seafood, barbecue—each destination offers up a new meal that promises to be your favorite and rarely lets you down!

Eating out on vacation can sometimes be the highlight of your trip; remember that time you climbed what seemed to be 3000 steps to the top of the lighthouse, only to discover that the fog and clouds hid your views of the landscape beyond? And then you went to that hole in the wall diner and discovered the bliss of a lobster roll? That meal was the saving grace of the entire day and you still talk about it to this day!

Well, now that you’ve made the decision to vacation in Big Bear, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite restaurants in Big Bear Village to ensure your California vacation is unforgettable!

Nottingham’s Restaurant – 40797 Big Bear Boulevard

Serving hearty English meals with a California twist, Nottingham’s is one of our favorite restaurants in Big Bear, especially when the weather is kind enough to allow us to eat on the patio; the views are incredible from there and are almost as nice inside!

Masala Craft Indian Cuisine – 40760 Village Drive Suite A

California is a multicultural state that celebrates all nationalities, and nowhere is that more clear than at the best Indian restaurant in town: Masala Craft Indian Cuisine. We dream about their chicken tandoori, cooked in the classic clay oven, and their extensive vegetarian menu means the salad eaters in our family can peacefully coexist with the carnivores over one combined family dinner!

Grizzly Manor Café – 41268 Big Bear Boulevard

Breakfast is the specialty of the Manor—the Grizzly Manor Café, that is—with huge portions, amazing coffee, and that homemade taste that always tastes better when someone else is doing the home cooking! Please don’t make us choose our favorite dish here; they ALL are our favorites!

Hacienda Sports Bar & Grill – 41787 Big Bear Boulevard

You can’t visit California without sampling our Mexican fare, and Hacienda’s dishes surpass them all! Because we like the heat on, our favorite is the Shrimp a la Diabla, but if you lean towards milder temperatures, the Bistek Ranchero may be the dish you dream about long after this vacation is a distant memory!

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