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image of someone climbing a boulder on Big Bear Mountain

The Top Things to Do on Big Bear Mountain

One of the best things about living in Big Bear is our proximity to the plethora of activities on Big Bear Mountain we can partake in year-round. More than just skiing (although we LOVE spending a crisp winter morning schussing down the slopes!) there is no end to the fun adventures that can be had on our favorite mountain. Keep reading for a list of activities that will keep you entertained and active during your Big Bear vacation.

Mountain Biking

This summer sport is made more fun by the fact that you can ride your mountain bike on an actual mountain! Big Bear is home to Southern California’s only chair lift for bikers, so take it to the top (saving energy!) and prepare for the wild and crazy downhill ride on one of the many ski trails!

Sky Chair

For unparalleled views of the mountain and valley surrounding Big Bear, take a trip on the sky chair during the offseason and enjoy one of the most beautiful landscapes Mother Nature has ever designed! Once you get to the top, have lunch at the view house (this is one view you can never get enough of) and then make the decision as to whether you want to hike down or take the chair.

Helicopter Rides

If you think the view from the top of Snow Summit is incredible, just wait until you catch sight of the mountain from the cockpit of a helicopter! Perfect for celebrating special occasions, Helicopter Big Bear offers many different tours year-round—including a sunset tour so amazing, you will dream about it for years to come.


The thrill of sledding madly down a hill with no thought to your safety is still as appealing today as it was when you were a child. Wintertime provides lots of opportunities for snow play in Big Bear. Check out their website at www.bigbearsnowplay.com for more information about this and other snow play options.


Strap on a pair of what looks like tennis rackets and start hiking and exploring the area of Big Bear and surrounding areas. The tennis rackets are snowshoes, of course, and if you didn’t pack your own, you can find them for rent at many of our snow sports shops in the area.

Big Bear Cabins

Book your rustic Big Bear Mountain view lodges today and discover the exciting year-round activities on Big Bear Mountain! This Southern California vacation promises to be the best one ever! Contact us today for more information!