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Top Tours to Experience in Big Bear

Seeing all the best parts of Big Bear can be difficult when you plan out everything individually. Big Bear encompasses a huge area with plenty to see and do! Make the most of your journey to Big Bear by booking one of the many tour options here in the area. Professional guides can take you around Big Bear showing you all of the highlights as you get to enjoy yourself. Here are some top Big Bear tours for you:

Action Tours

Do you want near-endless options when booking a tour here in Big Bear? If so, check out Action Tours for incredible thrills and expansive tours. This local tour agency is open all year long, but the summer season is where it is at. Action Tours offers thrilling zipline tours that take you up into the treetops and have you shoot down at 35 to 45 miles per hour. Each tour is three hours in length and a professional guide will show you around the entire way. Learn more about the Big Bear region as you enjoy the beautiful scenery from high up. Other activities in your tour will also include a suspension bridge off-roading in a Jeep. Some restrictions may apply to the activities so make sure to contact this incredible tour company today!

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Helicopter Big Bear Tours

Another high-flying adventure can be found when booking a tour with Helicopter Big Bear Tours! As the name suggests you will be taking an aerial tour around Big Bear from the comfort of a helicopter. This unique tour lets you book a private tour with loved ones. Your tour guide will be the helicopter pilot who is on board to entertain you and tell you all you need to know about Big Bear.

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Big Bear Pirate Ship

The summer season is always spent best on the water, so make sure to hop on the Big Bear Pirate Ship. This Big Bear Lake tour has you hit all of the highlights of the lake while enjoying a pirate adventure on the water. Relax with a drink available from the ship bar as the children are thrilled by the pirate ship fights your tour will find on the way.

Book Your Big Bear Tours Today

The summer season is just around the corner, so make sure to book these popular tours before their reservation limits are reached. Contact us for more information! Browse our Big Bear mountain view lodges today.

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