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Grandview Loop Bike Trail

Top Views in Big Bear, California

Big Bear is known for great skiing, fun vacations, and for being the spot with the best views in the United States, so it may be difficult narrowing down the list of the top views in Big Bear, but we’re going to give it a shot! You, our beloved guests, deserve a vacation filled with great memories, fantastic food, and postcard-worthy photographs that will remind you of the fabulous time you had in Big Bear. We’ve spent many hours hiking trails, visiting parks, and even dining out with our cameras in hand, and the final results are posted below!

Sky Chair at Snow Summit

When not in use for transporting colorfully garbed skiers to their various trails, the Sky Chair at Snow Summit offers a phenomenal opportunity for taking some of the best pictures of your life! Starting at the base of Snow Summit, the chairs slowly rise towards the summit, allowing for magnificent views of the mountains and the valleys surrounding. Once you’ve reached the top, you can expect more scenic photo opportunities as you hike the many trails.

Boulder Bay Park

Rocky islands topped with pine trees, quiet waters that offer the casual canoer a chance to improve their rowing skills safely, and views of tree-covered hills in the background all combine to make Boulder Bay Park one of the most scenic areas in the valley. During the winter, snowcapped trees, frozen waters, and friendly snowmen create ethereal pictures that really will take your breath away.

Nottingham’s Restaurant and Tavern

Located right on Big Bear Lake, the views from this charming English styled restaurant are photo worthy, especially when viewed from the outdoor patio (open during the warmer months only). Nottingham’s is the perfect place for a romantic dinner, and the scenic views allow for a peaceful spot to enjoy the fresh salmon that is a specialty here!

Stanfield Marsh Boardwalk & Wildlife Preserve

Professional photographers will always tell you that a photo without living, breathing creatures in it will be beautiful, but somehow lonely and sad at the same time. Bringing your camera to the Stanfield Marsh Boardwalk & Wildlife Preserve will ensure your photos will not be lonely or sad. With lush green trees and wooden boardwalks that meander alongside the calm waters where fish and waterfowl make their home, forgetting your camera when visiting this spot of natural beauty would almost be considered a crime!

Big Bear Cabins

Finally, we can’t forget the views from the windows of your very own Big Bear cabin! Book yours today and discover the sheer natural beauty that exists right outside your window.