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Big Bear Weather

Few things can parallel the beauty of Big Bear, but the local climate sure comes close! Accentuating the strikingly scenic natural environment of the area, Big Bear weather is mild to cool year-round, making it ideal for any trip. Read on for more information about what you can expect from the seasonal weather conditions in Big Bear when you plan your vacation!

What Big Bear Weather Looks Like

If you’re planning a ski trip during our winter season, you’re in luck; the average highs in December, January, and February range from 47 degrees to 48 degrees, with average lows of 21 degrees to 22 degrees. January is the coldest month of the year, on average.

These months also see the most precipitation during the year—perfect for supplying the area with the snowfall that is essential for a great time on the slopes! During this time, you also have an excuse to snuggle up next to the cozy fire and let the warmth melt your cares away.

A spring vacation in Big Bear will bring you average high temperatures ranging from 52 degrees in March to 68 degrees in May and average lows of 25 degrees to 36 degrees. You may even see a little snow in March, as cold low temperatures combine with precipitation to create new snowfall and extend your skiing season.

From June through August, summers bring highs of 76 degrees to 81 degrees—mild weather in Big Bear to say the least, and fantastic for hiking, fishing, swimming, boating, and more! Lows during this time range from 42 degrees to 48 degrees on average, so you’ll likely want to bring a jacket for those chillier nights. On average, July is the warmest month of the year in Big Bear, and June is the driest.

Finally, if you choose to visit our neck of the woods during the fall, the months of September through November have progressively cooler weather, with the season commencing with 74-degree weather in September and ending with 54-degree weather in November. Lows range from 42 degrees to 26 degrees, ushering in the beginning of the skiing season and nights by the fire. The changing leaves in Big Bear are truly a sight to behold; be sure to bring your camera with you!

Want to Learn More about Big Bear?

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