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Places To Visit In Big Bear

When it’s time to start planning your next vacation, the most difficult part of your trip may just be narrowing down where you want to go! Do you want to hit the beach and work on your tan, or hit the slopes and perfect your Caballerial? Big cities, small towns, international travels, or a simple vacation within driving distance of your home town—the choices are many, and the decision can be overwhelming, unless you are willing to experience a little of all the above listed in one extraordinary vacation! Offering something for everyone, your California vacation can’t get any better than a trip to Big Bear. Keep reading if you don’t believe us! Learn about the places to visit in Big Bear below:

Nature at Its Finest

From summer days spent frolicking in Big Bear Lake to winter ones spent flying down the slopes of Bear Mountain, the breathtaking scenery that surrounds you enhances the adventures you can have in Big Bear. Keep an eye to the sky in the winter and you might just catch sight of our nation’s symbol, the bald eagle, for this is where they migrate during the coldest months in Alaska and Canada.

Big Bear Renaissance Fair

Every August weekend, visitors are offered the opportunity to step back in time. Taste a turkey leg, huzzah with the finest, and hang with the pirates and fairies in this Renaissance-themed festival. Different than other Renaissance fairs, the Big Bear fair promises a unique experience every time you visit. Say farewell to summer with a jousting show and a stop at one of the many boutiques found on the grounds! There are plenty of Big Bear places to visit!

Regaining Your Inner Peace

Real life can leave us feeling jittery, exhausted, and overwhelmed. Meetings, bad traffic, angry bosses, and school activities take all the fun out of everything we used to enjoy. A trip to Big Bear can help you regroup! Enjoy fabulous sunsets from the comfort of a hot tub on the porch of your Big Bear Cabins vacation escape, long hikes through the woods, and even longer bike rides that allow you to face life at your own speed. Take a moment and breathe deep as you stare at the everchanging scenery that makes Big Bear so special and feel your mind begin to quiet.

Places To Visit In Big Bear

The best starts with our Big Bear Cabins vacation escapes. Reserve yours today and discover for yourself all the reasons a Big Bear vacation will change your life! There’s a variety of options to choose from – our lakefront homes, gorgeous mountain cabins, and more! Read some insider tips when you decide to visit Big Bear!