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Big Bear Things to Do: Geocaching

When we were children, the idea of maps leading to hidden treasure excited us and made us wish that we were pirates off searching for buried gold, and we spent hours pretending that this was so. For many grownups, that dream has never ended, and as such, geocaching has become the adult version of the games we played as children. There is a large community for geocaching in Big Bear, so if this is your dream, why not check out one of the more unique Big Bear things to do while you are vacationing?

What is Geocaching?

Geocaching is an adult’s version of treasure hunting, using modern technology instead of the old-fashioned paper map. GPS coordinates lead the treasure hunters to a cache filled with treasures. The treasures always include a log book and other small items that aren’t illegal, dangerous, or perishable, like food. Today, you can use an app on your smart phone instead of having to purchase a GPS device, thereby lowering the costs involved without minimizing the fun. Once you create an account with a geocaching site, you are ready to begin the hunt. Big Bear sites often offer contests with additional prizes for being the first to locate the cache.

Useful Links for Geocaching

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Why Big Bear?

Because we love the outdoors so much, finding another activity that gets us out there is always a wonderful thing! Trying not to be distracted by the gorgeous scenery can be an issue, but it’s still worth the effort! Don’t forget to bring along a small treasure that you don’t mind giving up when you find the cache, because many other people will be playing and you don’t want to disappoint them! One Big Bear cache that was recently discovered originally contained playing cards, gag key chains, a tee shirt, a troll doll that glows in the dark, and a light switch plate, as well as a few other items. The caches should never be buried, so you won’t need to carry a shovel or spade, but be sure to securely hide it in the area after you have found the treasure and left one of your own. This game is one where the journey is more important than the destination!

Adventures in Big Bear

The excitement of geocaching in Big Bear is an adventure you and your family will never forget; discussing it around the dinner table of your Big Bear Cabins vacation home may just be the highlight of your entire vacation! Reserve your luxury home today and enjoy the feeling of being young again as you seek treasure in our favorite mountain village!


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