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Big Bear Museums

With its roots firmly set in the transition between the golden age of the 1920’s and the Great Depression, Big Bear has a history as rich and interesting as its mountainous landscapes. Read on to learn more about the intriguing local Big Bear museums that are selflessly dedicated to sharing the area’s history with locals and visitors alike.

Most Entertaining and Informative Big Bear Museums

The Big Bear Valley Historical Museum, or the Eleanor Abbott Museum, showcases how this dynamic mountain town evolved from the work of the Peter Pan Woodland Club and D.P. Terry of Beverly Hills with the town’s first store (now the present site of the Community Services District offices) in 1929. From there on, the store changed hands until it became dedicated as a museum in 1982 and was opened to the public.

Named for Eleanor Abbott, the late Big Bear Valley Historical Society Leader who served from 1976 until 1978, the property was acquired as a direct result of her enthusiastic efforts. Since then, it has undergone restoration and has hosted multiple authentic, antique local buildings that have been preserved in a similar likeness.

An hour’s drive Northwest from Big Bear, lays the California Route 66 Museum. This museum in Big Bear has dedicated itself to representing the historical and modern significance of U.S. Highway 66. It is because of this that Route 66 has had an enormous impact on our culture, national development, and more.

Lastly, the San Bernardino County Museum is Southwest of Big Bear. It takes about an hour to get there, but the drive is worth it. This Big Bear, CA, museum holds three floors of exhibits on the natural and cultural history of the San Bernardino region, which includes an Education Center, an Exploration Station, and gardens that showcase native cactus and other plans. Additionally, the citrus groves make for a romantic stroll.

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