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Big Bear Valley Historical Museum 

The quickest way to get an understanding of the place you are vacationing is by studying their past, and the Big Bear Valley Historical Museum, located at 800-B Green Way Drive in Big Bear, is an interesting place to discover the history of our fascinating town. The glimpse of life during the Gold Rush and the Wild West days will engage and entertain even the youngest members of your family in this Big Bear history museum!

Travel back in time to the formation of Big Bear when you visit the Big Bear Valley Historical Museum or Eleanor Abbott Museum! With a storied history rooted in America’s transition from the Golden Age of the 1920’s to the Great Depression, Big Bear’s history comes to life at this intriguing, informative museum.

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The Big Bear Valley Historical Museum Grows

In 1982, the Big Bear Valley Historical Museum officially opened its doors to the public, but only from the end of May through the end of October; this mostly outdoor Big Bear museum is too cold to explore during the snowy cold months of winter. In addition to the two original buildings, the historical society acquired a 1900s cabin in 1982 and a mule barn in 1994, allowing visitors to really experience how life must have been when the gold prospectors were rushing to declare their fortunes.

Discover the People Who Made Big Bear What It Is Today

Our story didn’t start with the Gold Rush or the Wild West. Rather, it started with the Native Americans who we believe migrated here over 3000 years ago, living in early versions of the teepee, eating nuts, seeds, and meat they captured themselves, and creating beautiful works of pottery art. The “official” discovery of Big Bear Lake didn’t occur, however, until 1845, when Don Benito Wilson discovered and named it while capturing the big black bears that could be found everywhere.

Soon after, the first vein of gold was discovered, and the Gold Rush began, and ended, and began again many times over the next 100 years. The Big Bear Valley Historical Museum has the story of our favorite town from its humble beginnings till present day. If you happen to be in the area during the days it is open to the public, you must stop by!

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