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Alpine Pedal Path

Alpine Pedal Path

We may have mentioned it a time or two before, but the one thing we like best about living in the Big Bear area of southern California is being able to spend a majority of our off time outside, breathing in crisp mountain air as we partake in the sport or activity of our choice. Many times, you will find us walking or hiking mountain trails, skiing in the winter, canoeing in the summer, or biking pretty much any time throughout the year. Alpine Pedal Path Big Bear Lake is one of our favorite biking trails, as this paved trail that winds its way around Big Bear Lake, through meadows and forest areas and is still easy enough for all members of your family to enjoy.

Alpine Pedal Path: Popular with Hikers, Bikers and Joggers

The Alpine Pedal Path Big Bear Lake is popular for outdoor enthusiasts of all kinds, no matter your age, skill level, or activity preference. Jog down the paths, enjoying the feel of the breezes coming off scenic Big Bear Lake, the sun beating down on your shoulders in the green meadows area, and the cool shade of the forest, hearing nothing but the beat of your own heart, the music playing in your earbuds, and the occasional hello of fellow joggers on the path. Hike vigorously along the same path, arms swinging in time to your favorite music. Rent a bike and ride like the wind, or cruise slowly along the paths, living completely in the moment. Finally, why not just meander along the path with your family, chatting with your 10-year-old son as he excitedly tells you how this is the best vacation ever, or listening quietly to your teenage daughter as she discusses her hopes and dreams for her future, something she never does in the hustle and bustle of real life back home. Alpine Pedal Path Big works it magic with people of all ages!

Big Bear Cabins

Book your romantic and rustic Big Bear Cabin today and re-discover the bonds of family on the magical Alpine Pedal Path in Big Bear. These are the moments memories are made of.


1136-Once Upon a Pine


0102-Little Pines