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All About Bluff Lake in Big Bear

About half-an-hour southwest of Big Bear Lake and the Village area, visitors to the Big Bear region will find Bluff Lake, California. Gorgeous and exceedingly serene, Bluff Lake is an alpine lake that won’t disappoint. Read on below to learn more!

What You Can Expect at Bluff Lake, California

Bluff Lake is famous for the diverse natural plant- and wildlife that can be found within the boundaries of the Bluff Lake Reserve, which is open from the beginning of May until the beginning of November. Bluff Lake Reserve is dedicated to preserving the local mountain marsh and meadow ecosystem, as well as threatened plant species like the Bear Valley bluegrass and Big Bear checkerbloom. Remarkably, this iconic and beautiful site also served as a filming location for the famous movies The Parent Trap and Dr. Dolittle 2. As a “leave no trace” ecological reserve, visitors are highly encouraged to take everything they bring into the reserve back out with them upon leaving, so keep that in mind when planning your day here.

Bluff Lake in Big Bear is a great spot for hiking and exploring the tranquil wilderness surrounding Big Bear, without encountering the same number of tourists that other locales around Big Bear are more prone to receiving. In this respect, Bluff Lake is the ideal place to spend a day along the lake without worrying about boats or crowds. It’s a popular destination for trailgoers who are looking to hike through Big Bear’s best landmarks, including Castle Rock Trail and the Champion Lodgepole Pine.

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By Paul Sableman – Council Bluff Lake, CC BY 2.0,


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