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Top 5 Indoor Things to Do at Big Bear

Big Bear Lake is an all-year holiday destination where fun and thrill is hardly affected by the prevailing weather conditions. Whether it is winter, summer, or spring, there is always something for you to explore on this side of California. Even with the region’s serene surroundings, your Big Bear vacation shouldn’t be centered on outdoor experiences alone. Big Bear indoor activities such as gaming and spa sessions are a whole different vibe that you can’t ignore. Planning your trip to Big Bear Lake? Here are five top indoor activities to explore.

Museum Tours

Most indoor activities in Big Bear, California are kid-friendly, with museum tours not being an exception. Going out for a vacation doesn’t necessarily mean climbing up the mountains or visiting high-end hotels. Simple things such as taking your kids for a museum tour can make a whole difference. The region has invested heavily in art museums offering you the luxury to walk from one building to another in search of unique pieces of art. Such tours make you appreciate different types of art and what it takes to create them. Kids particularly draw inspiration from these tours to embrace their talents and strengths even more.

Wine Tasting Tours

Your holiday experience in California shouldn’t be only about the wild and serene surroundings. Going out of the ordinary experiences for a wine-tasting tour is something to be excited about when it comes to fun places to go in Big Bear. It is one of the activities where your kids will need to stay in their room as you are out there exploring the various wineries in the area. In other cases, you will be allowed in with kids, but they can’t take part in the tasting procedures because of the obvious legal age barriers. Best still, most wineries offer snacks that your kids will feast on as you sample wine.

Spa Massage

While your bodies do the most for you, you actually do the least for them. When last did treat yourself to a spa experience to nurse your body? A full body massage is recommended once in a while. It comes with multiple benefits. First, it is a rejuvenation exercise that helps nurse swollen body parts and painful joints. Also, it helps open your body pores so that your skin can secrete wastes effectively. If spa sessions are not something you have been doing more regularly, Big Bear gives you a chance to redeem your body. The area around Big Bear has several facilities offering this crucial service. This type of indoor activity is applicable both for solo vacationers as well as those traveling as a family unit.


Gaming is another vital component of the indoor experience in Big Bear. The region is home to multiple gaming resorts with a wide array of games in their inventory. The kind of game you opt for will largely depend on the age of the vacationers. If you are coming to Big Bear as a family unit, you will need kid-friendly games. With the recent advancements in technology, kids are exposed more to video games. Pick that console and battle it out with your kids. When you are done with the video gaming experience there is a whole bunch of table games waiting for you. Table tennis will be a good way to stretch your muscles as you brace for games that challenge your mind. A round of chess games will be a great way of challenging your kids to be great thinkers. If vacationing as adults, you can hop into a bowling alley or casino and try your luck in any of those games.

Movie Nights Will Do

When you’re looking for fun places to go in Big Bear, movie nights are the perfect way to spend your holiday indoors. Whether you want to do it inside your vacation rental or in movie theaters, there are no limitations on where you can watch your movie from. With the technicalities experienced in today’s world, people are concerned more about external factors and forget their well-being. Family is the basic structure of society and your trip to Big Bear is a perfect opportunity to bond as a unit. Movie nights keep families together for a long time, which also helps to build self-esteem in kids. These movies create lasting memories that make the whole Big Bear experience worthwhile. If you are vacationing as a couple, these movie nights are a reliable platform to showcase your romantic side. Enjoying a movie in a location far away from home is a satisfying experience you need to consider more often for your vacations going forward.

Where to Stay in Big Bear While Enjoying Big Bear Indoor Activities

The kind of experience you will have in Big Bear Lake, CA will largely depend on the vacation rental you go for. The bubbly nature of California requires an equally exciting rental to complement the whole experience. Big Bear Cabins is your go-to partner for the best holiday rentals in the area. Our rich inventory of properties entails luxury condos, cabins, and homes out there in the bush. We offer high-end amenities, rustic locations, and pet-friendly properties. Call us today to book accommodation that suits your style.



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