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Among the diverse range of Big Bear outdoor activities that the town is known for, geocaching stands out for its unlimited potential for mystery, intrigue, and adventure. But what is geocaching?

Similar to treasure hunting in the modern day, geocaching is an outdoor pastime where participants search for geocaches left at specific coordinates that can be found using a GPS. Oftentimes, these caches will contain a log book for recording the details of your discovery (such as the date and your established code name), items of sentimental value or for trading, and even money.

As a hotspot for outdoor pursuits, it’s only fitting that Big Bear is ripe with geocaching opportunities! Get in on the excitement of a good old-fashioned treasure hunt for yourself during your time in Big Bear’s outdoors and add a whole new level of appreciation for this idyllic mountain town.

Things to Know About Geocaching in Big Bear

If this is your first time learning about geocaching, never fear; it’s not difficult to get started! Begin first by logging onto the official geocaching website ( and signing up for a free membership.

Once you’ve created an account, you can look up the locations of hidden caches all around Big Bear using a handheld GPS device or even certain apps associated with that are available for smartphones! The apps offered for geocaching normally cost a nominal fee, and you’ll have them forever once you’ve purchased them, allowing you to embark on geocaching adventures even when you return to your hometown. During your Big bear geocaching expedition, you might also need other equipment for safety, hiking, and more, depending on the area in which you’re searching for a particular cache. Some Big Bear geocachers even get creative and hide the caches in cool spots or with unique disguises, such as a fake bird.

Big Bear Lake is a particularly well-known hotspot among local geocachers. From caches located along trails like Grays Peak Trailhead and Castle Rock, to more obscure locations with inventive names, your search for geocaches will likely take you all over the lake and beyond!

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